Mixing SEO With Copy-Writing To Gain Maximum Profits

Copy-writing involves writing a promotional or advertising material which is meant to be viewed by the public. It could be a description about a product that an online business is selling or an in-depth coverage of a service that they are providing.


Whatever it is; copy-writing is meant to come up with material compelling enough in the hopes that the reader will be hyped up, curious and interested enough to buy. Now the game of copy-writing has to be a little bit altered when it comes to writing copy-writing material online because the conventional copy-writing is only meant to appeal to the human masses.


When it is brought online, simply appealing to humans alone is not enough. The bar is a little higher here as your copy-writing material has to appeal to the search engines as well. Only then will you have material that is very effective and powerful in generating traffic and thus hopefully more sales at the end of the day.


That is why it’s important to incorporate aspects of SEO or Search Engine Optimization into your copy-writing material. Many people already realize this importance and people have already been incorporating SEO aspects into their copy-written material for a long time now.


The problem arises when balance is lost and in most cases the material is catered more towards satisfying the search engines instead of its human readers.


What happens is the copy-written material ends up as an unreadable blob or wall of text that makes no sense and is filled only with repeated texts which the copywriter hopes of getting ranked better for that term because the intention was increasing the keyword density in the hopes of increasing its relevance as well.


Well, search engines are smart enough not to fall for that and they can easily detect if you are indeed keyword stuffing and they will penalize you. Not only will you lose your rankings, you will also lose your traffic and thus your flow of potential prospects. So it’s a strategy that will simply not work anymore.




SEO and copy-writing are all about achieving the perfect balance between the 2. When it comes to the SEO aspect of your copy-written content, one of the important aspects is keyword selection. You have to find the right and relevant keywords to be used in your content. Instead of using the same keywords repeatedly, you have to find the synonyms and variations of that keyword.


Different people may have the same thing in mind when they want to search for something. But many times they type in using different phrases or terms to the search engine query. Therefore, it’s important that your copy-written content needs to incorporate these other keywords too in its content.


The Long (Tail) Story


Long-tail keywords provide the best solution when it comes to cases like the one highlighted in the previous paragraph above. Utilizing long-tail keywords allow you to lure in more targeted traffic, which will in turn boost your conversion rate. It is said that long-tail search compromises as much as 70% of all search traffic.


That is a big percentage indeed.


Therefore, you have to find the right set of long-tail keywords which search engine users are using and blend it into your content seamlessly and making it sound naturally as possible.


By utilizing different keyword variations for a chosen keyword, you can get ranked better as search engines will determine that your copy-written content is relevant for that keyword while you do not have to fear of over-utilizing or going over the same keyword density because instead of using the same keywords, you are using different variations of it, which does sound more natural.


The Other Benefit



The other benefit of utilizing the same keyword over and over is that you have a much better chance to rank for the other keywords as well. The common practice was to focus on one main keyword per page or per copy-written material and thus can easily lead to over-stuffing and high keyword density.


And the cons of concentrating on just a single keyword was that if you couldn’t rank well for that keyword then the whole page will be in the lower rankings, therefore not getting much exposure and thus traffic. If you had other main keywords through into the mix (relevant ones of course) you might get ranked well for a number of these other keywords.



Page Formatting



The reason behind proper page formatting does not simply stop at making your copy-writing content more easily readable and digestible. There is also an SEO reason behind it.


It is said that search engines pay special attention to elements which are emboldened, underlined, italicized. And not to forget also words which are contained in header tags such as H1, H2, and H3. Since search engines pay special attention to words contained in these elements, therefore it is the perfect excuse to use them.


It also helps to highlight the more importance aspects of your content to your readers. And many people reading online are simply skimming through content, and since we can’t tell them not to skim, we might as well make our content more skim-friendly to ensure that our message get across to them as intended.


Another way to make it more skim-friendly is to use bullet-points for more important parts of the content.



Use Visuals (Videos and Images)


As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. Therefore, using visual elements such as (pictures and videos) in your copy-writing content can really make it stand out, make more of an impact and be more memorable.


Plus, people really love watching images and videos and it is the perfect excuse to include more of your keywords into your content. You can include all your keywords into your related videos and images.


It helps your page be more relevant for that keyword without being overstuffed and if optimized right, it might even appear in the search results for images and videos respectively thus given more exposure for your page/content and thus bringing in more traffic.


However, remember to have your images optimized for web pages for large-file images may slow down the loading of a web page and instead of helping it, you are harming it. People hate slow loading web pages and current search engine algorithms also take page loading into account in determining rankings.


So optimize your images for web viewing and try to avoid a slow loading site or page in general and find ways to improve the page/site loading speed if possible.




Copy-writing on the web is all about making it Search Engine Optimized. Since the bulk of all traffic for a website usually comes from search engines, therefore by making your copy-written material search-engine friendly, you are helping the search engines discover your content and when you are easily discovered by the search engines, the search engine users will in turn be easier to discover you as well.