Making a Sale is the Easy Part – But how do you turn it into a Real & Profitable System?

money sand timer-150Okay so you just made your first few sales in your Internet Marketing business.


You now know that this I.M. thing actually works.

So like any normal human being would do you go and tell the world about your new found success  and tell every one of your family members, your friends and anyone who will even bother to listen to you.

So what do you do next?

With your business that is.

You go and find some more traffic right and run off into the sunset knowing you can build a huge and profitable email list by scaling up your numbers.

This will allow you to make more sales and more profits. You can now afford to pay for traffic now that you know you can make a sale from the product you’re promoting as an affiliate or your own.


YES & NO at the same time as it goes.


You see many people believe that if you can make sales after throwing some traffic at an affiliate or your own product; you can keep repeating that process until the cows come home.

Again I must agree that making that first sale is vital for those who have been through some pain and have struggled to make any kind of success happen from their online marketing efforts.

It breaks down many doors and breaks through the chains of doubt.

But continuing that same success at a level where YOU KNOW that every time you pay for your traffic to your offers; you know that you are at least going to break even or better still…


This OPENS THE DOORS wide open for those who want to build a list at the same time at a much faster rate than any other average marketer could ever wish.

Again many people believe that building your list and building your business around using FREE traffic methods alone is the safest way to build an online business.


This just costs you just as much in both time and money.

Think about it for a minute.

If you were to use FREE traffic methods like S.E.O, video marketing and social media without using paid traffic; this would take you months to set up before you would begin to see any kind of decent traffic flow into your funnel.

Now compare that using paid traffic.

You can work out a budget of what you can afford on a monthly basis and use that to buy solo ads, Facebook ads, banner ads or any other paid traffic source you can afford to pay for.

So that’s it then?


And there’s an important reason why.

Using PAID TRAFFIC to build your list, make sales and also knowing how much you can afford to pay for that traffic comes down to one vitally important skill you must master…


Notice how I underlined and made bold the “measure your results” text?

Knowing beforehand “HOW MUCH” you can afford to pay for traffic allows you to be able to make conscious traffic buying decisions.

Most newcomers and even those who have been around for a 12  months or more still don’t know how much they afford to pay for traffic each time they buy a solo ad, Facebook ad, banner ad etc etc.

This is a very DANGEROUS position to be in.


If you want to be able to follow a solid and dependable list building system that makes you profitable money at first point of your sales funnel and not just lose you money; you must know your numbers first.

Many people skip this step because they know that they can make more sales from their email list once they have them stored within their email auto responder account.

This may be all and well if you  know that you can sell HIGH TICKET paying programs to them that convert extremely well and sell for in excess of $1000, $5000 and even $10,000 over a 12 month period for every 1 in 100 subscribers you add to your list.

How many HIGH TICKET paying programs do you have in your email system waiting to go out to your subscribers?

My thought exactly.

Look my intentions aren’t to make you stop building your business or stop building your list; I really want to HAMMER HOME what you need to do in order to make your online business/list building business break even or make profits at the front end at least.

So YOU can go out and buy traffic that you know you can afford and build you list in confidence and not just mere…


Building an online business with just hope alone isn’t going to make you profitable.

Knowing how to measure your results is.

So here’s a nice example to really hammer home how easy it can be to place yourself in a great position where YOU KNOW exactly how much you can afford to pay for traffic and then make a decision on whether you make a loss, break even or make a profit at the front end of your sales funnel…

…First of all you need to figure out what your Average Visitor Value is or A.V.V.

So for example you would look at these following figures in this exact order:

1. Number of sales you made = 10 units sold

2. x value of each transaction = $100 (for each product)

3. Total revenue = 10 x $100 = $1,000

4. Divided by the amount of unique visitors = 1,000

5. So your A.V.V. would be $1,000 revenue divided by 1,000 visitors

Giving you an average visitor value of $1/visitor.

So before you knew this you could have been paying $1.5 per click for traffic but you only had an A.V.V. of $1.

Meaning you were actually making a loss as soon as you paid for that traffic.


Is to be earning MORE than what your traffic has cost you!

Otherwise you can’t scale up your numbers and build your list faster leading into their 1000’s, 10,000’s 100,000’s kind of numbers.

This is what you need to be aiming for.

Your A.V.V. must exceed the C.P.C. (cost per click).

Now don’t get confused with this.

There are many tracking systems out there that allow you to measure these numbers easily.

Also please note that at the beginning you’ll have to get used to the fact that you’ll be putting more into what you actually get out of this list building sales funnel machine.


You just said it can’t be this way.

Well unless you are a marketing GENIUS already, you will only be TESTING to see what works at the beginning until you hit that winning formula that gives you the nice PROFIT MARGINS.



So today’s lesson is to remember that making a sale online by setting up an offer that may be your own or an affiliate one is WAY EASY.


Making sure you can afford to pay for your traffic in confidence beforehand is a little more tricky.

But is easily achievable once you have tested your squeeze pages/sales pages enough so that they make YOU money and not just make your traffic providers rich instead.

That’s all for today’s  post so if you feel you want to add a comment or question just do the usual leave them below this post.