Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – 3 Must Have Factors Your Affiliate Business Needs To Adopt

Becoming successful with online affiliate marketing can be achieved by following a commitment to some hard work and disciplining yourself to following proven strategies to make your affiliate business run smoothly. You can easily track what is working for other successful affiliate marketers and use their processes to create your own profitable affiliate marketing money machine.

The following three tips will place you in the best possible mindset for creating solid long-term incomes from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Success Factor #1 – Build A List Of Highly Responsive Subscribers

Creating a simple one-page website that can capture a visitors e-mail address allows you to introduce yourself as an authority within your niche. Also you can build instant trust and relationships with your new subscribers once they have given you their e-mail address. The one-page website which is often also called a squeeze page can be tested and tweaked until you hit the 40 to 70% mark so you know that at least 40 out of 100 people are going to subscribe to your e-mail list database.

Once a visitor becomes a subscriber it is vitally important that you market to them before selling any kind of affiliate product to them. Showing them what is possible first is going to massively increase your chances of making an affiliate sale once you have established yourself as someone who gives value and knows what they are talking about.

Affiliate Success Factor #2 – Producing A Consistent Flow Of Targeted Traffic

Once you know that your squeeze page is converting at a rate you are happy with and your sales funnel is producing the back end profits; you will need to focus 100% of your efforts on driving as much traffic towards your squeeze pages as you can. Traffic is great but targeted traffic is by far the best way to guarantee that your new subscribers already interested in what you are about to promote to them as an affiliate product.

Forums are great way to find targeted traffic. You can add your signature to your profile and place a links within them that point back to your squeeze pages etc. You can also use solo ads to drive targeted traffic back to your squeeze pages and quickly test your sales funnel to see how profitable it actually is.

Affiliate Success Factor #3 – Promote Proven & High Converting Affiliate Products

This step is often overlooked as the excitement begins to build within the affiliate marketer and more often than not an unsuitable and low quality affiliate product is chosen as a result. This causes the sales funnel to produce bad results and produces confusion and frustration. As long as you track as much as you can within your sales funnel; you can then clearly see which parts need to be changed.

Guessing what is working and what needs to be changed within your affiliate business is only going to lead to poor results again and again. Once you know that your affiliate recommendation isn’t working along-side your sales funnel; you can swiftly change it without having to lose your time, patience and ultimately profits you could be making. There are hundreds of affiliate products to choose from and new products are being developed everyday so don’t be afraid to test what works and what doesn’t.

Follow these 3 success tips and you will save yourself a lot time and frustration for setting up your own profitable affiliate marketing sales funnel.