Make Money Online – Essential Tools & Skills You Need To Create Massive Momentum

Knowing how to make money online can be like looking for a corroded gold coin beneath an ocean of murky water. But once you navigate your way through all of the sludge, obstacles and distractions along the way; you soon find making great incomes online becomes almost a formality. You have to follow a system that has already been hard fought by others and who have come out the other side covered in gold.

These following tips and strategies will help you to navigate directly towards making money online as an affiliate where you can start promoting other peoples products and get paid every time when someone you refer decides to purchase your recommended affiliate product.

1. Create A Simple One Page Website

One way to ensure you can promote affiliate products many times over is to build a lead capture page (squeeze page) and allow your visitors to enter their email address into the opt-in form in exchange for a free gift.

This allows you to build a list of hot prospects who have shown interest in what your free information has to offer. You need to make sure that your free offer is related to the affiliate product you are going to be promoting to them via email further down your sales funnel.

2. Increase Your Affiliate Conversions

Now that you have a hot prospect on your email list; you need to strengthen your relationship with them. You can do this by sending them more great information that markets the possibilities to your subscribers. Again look to provide information that is closely related to what the affiliate product provides and it is always a good idea for you to know a lot more about the affiliate product before recommending it to your email list of prospects.

You can sample the affiliate product yourself by becoming a member or purchasing it for yourself to see whether it is going to be worth promoting or not.

3. Allow Your System To Run On Auto-Pilot

This is why you must consider using an email auto-responder service to automate your affiliate sales funnel. This allows you to create ready made email messages and direct your prospects through a sales funnel. When your prospects automatically receive your email messages, they will be marketed to, their trust in what you have to say will increase and your chances of making an affiliate sale will be dramatically increased at the same time.

4. Make More Sales From Your Own Blog

A great tactic to adopt into your affiliate marketing plan is to send your prospects to your blog via your email messages. You can display great content that increases trust and credibility with you and your prospects. From there you can display those same affiliate products at your blog using text blocks and banner ads.

This allows you to smoothly direct your prospects to great content but at the same time make fantastic incomes from related affiliate recommendations placed strategically at your blog.

5. Drive Targeted Traffic & Increase Profit Flow

Once you know that your affiliate sales funnel is working for you on 99% auto-pilot; you can then focus most of your efforts on driving targeted traffic towards your affiliate sales funnel and allowing it to produce massive sales for you whilst you get on with living the financial freedom you always desired.

You can find hot and ready targeted traffic using related high traffic forums, creating articles and submitting at related high traffic blogs and creating training videos and uploading them to YouTube to send an avalanche of hot traffic towards your highly profitable affiliate sales funnel.