List Building – On Steroids…

List Building – “On STEROIDS”!!!

Everyone knows that being able to send out a HUGE blast email to 1,000’s of people online and making money on demand is a FANTASTIC ASSET to own in your online business.

Ever since I first came online to find a system that could give me such results I became INSTANTLY fascinated by list building and did everything I could to ensure that I built one as BIG & as FAST as I possibly could.

In this training I’m going to show you one method that works like a charm and still works better than any other list building method I know to this day.

I want to advise you that you should go through this training at least a couple of times so that YOU FULLY GRASP this method and take in it’s IMPORTANCE & POWER that it gives you to be able to build HUGE buyers lists online 10 times faster than any other method I currently know.

Once you understand this method all you’ll need to do implement this list building method once and then “Rinse & Repeat” as many times as you want to.

This method holds the key to an unbounded wealth of targeted traffic that is keen to buy what you have to offer again & again & again.

With that said let’s move onto the method itself…


What Are The Costs Involved With This List Building Method?


Before we dive into this list building method I’d like to show you the way I look at the cost of building my email lists online:

“What is the cost of adding each new lead & POTENTIAL CUSTOMER to my email lists”?

Notice the difference?

This means that you can either invest a TON of time or money into building your lists online – The choice is completely up to you!

I must admit though that when I first came online and started building my list I just followed the heard and did what seemed to be working for them.

This meant that I would go for the CHEAPER route and use only FREE traffic methods alone. This meant that my lists would be built VERY, VERY SLOWLY INDEED!

I did everything I was told to do by the marketers I learned from at that time. I created some awesome looking squeeze pages with a fancy headline, uploaded to my server then waited and waited until…


I quickly discovered I was missing the ONE CRUCIAL PIECE of the puzzle and that was………”Directing Targeted Traffic To My Offers”.

This led me to start participating at FORUMS that seemed to be getting HUGE amounts of traffic and had 100,000’s of members from all around the globe.

Not only that they also allowed you to promote your squeeze pages their through a signature link.

I bought a product that told me to spend an hour or two per day posting useful comments at forums and that would allow me to build my lists through the signature link below my comments.

Although I was getting a few sign ups per day I knew that by the time I managed to add in the next 50 sign ups to my lists the first 50 had already gone through my funnel and weren’t as responsive as the newer sign ups.

There wasn’t any consistency to my approach.

I had to look at an alternative way to MAXIMIZE my results from this list building GOLD MINE that was “Forum Marketing”.


Time Vs Money


Posting at forums using a FREE only method was also taking up most of my time that could be used elsewhere like creating ideas for new products or TESTING out new sales funnels or testing my copy at my sales pages etc.

I needed to SPEED up the process and FAST!

But of course I needed to invest something else…….MONEY.

This is something that everyone has to negotiate when building their lists… you spend money on advertising your business or use just FREE time sucking traffic methods instead?

After some time I started using some PAID traffic methods and some were a success whilst others were a complete and utter waste of money.

But that’s just the nature of the beast I suppose.

But the great thing about paid traffic is that you can measure your numbers FAST and – THE NUMBERS NEVER LIE!

You’ll be able to instantly move on and use another source of paid traffic and TWEAK your set up too rather than having to WAIT for your FREE traffic methods to give you their results after weeks or even months down the line.

PAID TRAFFIC EXAMPLE: If you were to spend $200 on paid traffic and you got 200 subscribers then you’ll instantly be able to work out that this has cost you $1 per lead that has entered your business.

Then of course you can work out how many sales you’ve made once those new subscribers have gone through your funnel and then re-invest if that particular source of traffic has provided the results you are happy with for your business.

But of course I wanted to see FAST results from my hard earned CASH so I continued to TEST small amounts of money on several paid traffic methods.

Luckily I managed to find a traffic source that EXACTLY matched my online business plan and allowed me to TAP into a targeted BUYER traffic source that I could use again & again & again many times over by re-investing some of my profits back into that source.

Paid Traffic Source – HUGE niche Forums


I always knew that creating products and doing product launches was the way to go when it came to building proven buyers email lists online.

So as soon as I launched my first WSO at the Warrior Forum I knew that even though I wasn’t seeing the results that the BIG marketers were seeing from their launches as yet; I still knew that this was a MASSIVE opportunity to EXPLODE my results online once I repeated the system again and again a few times over.

But not only that you can “BUMP” your WSO’s so that they go to the top of the listings their and get you the EXACT same EXPOSURE as to when your launch first went live.

Now all you need to do is work out whether your $20 investment has brought you level or at least a profit too.

Not only that you need to realize here that you’re ADDING EXTREMELY TARGETED TRAFFIC AND PROVEN BUYERS into your business either for FREE or at least for dirt cheap too.

It’s far better than adding FREEBIE SEEKING “prospects” into your business and seeing a loss through other traffic methods that don’t work!

With Forum traffic you are targeting people who are already obviously interested in what you have to offer.

All you need to do is create a product (or a series of products) that match the marketplace demand, launch it as a WSO then BUMP it again and again and build yourself a buyers list that you can sell to again and again and again!!!


Taking Your Results To The NEXT LEVEL!


Of course you can keep on using the BUMP feature within the Warrior Forum and build your buyers lists on a day to day or week to week basis.

But what if you could “SUPER CHARGE” those BUYERS lists numbers into your business and start seeing 100’s of buyers enter your funnels every single month.

I mean heck once you know your numbers there’s NOTHING STOPPING YOU from scaling up your numbers and increasing those numbers from 100’s to 1,000’s of buyers hitting your funnels every month instead.




As you can see from the screen shot above you can really ramp things up for your business by creating 10 products that are IN DEMAND in your niche and cover the TOP FAQ’s and problems that people in your niche are having and create those products to answer their problems, needs & desires.

THEN you can BUMP these products as many times as you wish, build HUGE BUYERS lists and of course make any profits from your new PAID traffic source investment too.

Just imagine having 10 products out there in the marketplace that you simply BUMP to the TOP pages and watch NEW BUYERS enter your business every single day.

Even if you don’t make your full investment back from the $20 or whatever the BUMP investment is at this time you need to remember that these are PROVEN BUYERS and you can make MASSIVE back end sales as they pass through your funnel and also receive your BROADCAST emails too.


How To Plan Your Product BUMP System


Of course you’ll need to know what your products are going to cover before you create them and here are some ideas on how you can do exactly that:

1. Create your 1st product around the skill set you have that matches your potential customers needs and desires.

2. Another way to design and create your first WSO would be to ask your current list what their needs, problems & desires are or do your research of the TOP selling products within your niche and see if your skill set matches those.

3. Once you have your 1st product out there you can start BUMPING that product and start planning your 2nd product. What can that 2nd product be about? Well what NEW skills have you learned from creating your 1st product that can be sold as another NEW product that others would find useful via the Warrior Forum?

4. Is it copy writing skills, creating WSO’s, building a sales funnel, building a buyers email list?

As you can see once you’ve created that 1st WSO and have launched it you can then create more and more products that 1000’s of people would find useful that SHARE what you’ve learned from your past experiences.

I really hope you’re beginning to see the POWER of this method right here today!

YOU MUST get your first product out there!!!

Let me ask you this:

“What is the first question that enters your head when you see the same names pop up within the WSO section selling product after product”?

How many products have you bought from these marketers?

Have you gone through their funnels and bought most of their up-sells, down-sells, cross-sells and even HIGH TICKET offers too?

See how powerful this method is?

Okay that’s enough of the questions.

This method of creating products and BUMPING them in my book is the…


It’s just like having your own TOY displayed for you to sell at the BIGGEST known toy store in the WORLD over and over again.


The RISK in terms of PAYING for your traffic is EXTREMELY LOW too.

I mean $20 for a placement of your product in front of 100,000’s of eyeballs is an investment I’m willing to make any time of the day.


Testing Your Numbers & Increasing Conversions


Okay here are some ways you can TEST to see how you can maximize your return on your BUMP paid WSO traffic:

1. DAY & Time – You can track & record your results every time you BUMP your product to page #1 to see what day and time seems to bring in the BEST returns on your investment.

2. Test various headlines on your sales pages. Yes you can edit your WSO as many times as you want so once you’ve discovered what time and day works best in terms of sales and buyers added to your business you can then TEST different headlines to see if you can increase your results even further.

3. Test your WSO titles. Yes you can do this as many times as you wish too but you need to provide a reason before you re-upload your new titled WSO but this has never been a problem for me.

Do this for every product you create and MAXIMIZE your results to the there BEST possible rates and you now own a business that virtually runs itself and brings in sales on complete DEMAND!

Right you now have the EXACT FORMULA that you see the TOP online marketers use at the Warrior Forum every single day, week, month & year to sell HUGE amounts of products and of course build MASSIVE BUYERS email lists on complete auto pilot too!

Are you going to grab this method with both hands and run with it?

You only need 1 product to start off with to get great results online with.