Link Baiting For Link Building

Backlinks has always been an integral part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Not only do backlinks count as votes to your site (by the search engines), having a link on other websites which points back to yours is a great way for people to discover your link and thus follow it and discovering your website in the process.


In essence, that is how the World Wide Web works, an interconnected mass (or “web”) of links where pages refer to each other through these links.


Needless to say, by having more links pointing back to your site, means more links available on a wide range of different sites, therefore making your site easily discoverable. In addition to going out and performing backlink building on your very own by looking for relevant and suitable pages to place your link on, there is another different strategy that you can employ. This is, to have other people wanting to link to your web site or particular web pages on your site.


In a way, you can say that they are doing all the backlinking FOR you.


And you do that through “link-baiting”. Not to worry though, I’m not going to suggest anything that’s illegal or black-hat here. It’s all about content, and coming up with content that is so good it would make people WANT to link to it on their own accord.


This is a better way of backlinking though because if your content ever goes viral, you can imagine the amount of links and not to mention the hype which will go around the web surrounding your content.



Here are some factors which go into making great linkable contents:



Shock And Awe


There is nothing more attracting than content which “shocks” your fellow readers but nothing gory or disgusting here. It’s more of a surprisingly unexpected kind of thing. Examples would be an out-of-the blue rant which shows your different side.


This could be because of retaliation to a comment made about you or your business by a fellow competitor or customer. Alternatively, reviews on a service or product in which you have discovered a major flaw or it turned out to be a scam all this while.


But remember, providing shocking content can either hurt or boost your reputation. And by constantly coming up with shocking content is not a good idea as the shock value can diminish over frequent and repeated use. So use it very rarely and when your readers will least expect it.



Breaking News


There are times when your industry or niche has game-changing news which should be brought to your readers attention as soon as you find out as much as you can about it and as soon as possible.


You want to come off as someone who is always on top of their game in the industry or niche that you are delving in, and providing up to the minute news or trends in your niche or industry is the best way to do that.


If you are knowledgeable or well-versed in the field that you are in, you can provide your own opinions, by adding your very own insight, views, predictions on how it will all pan out and what to expect and what should be done.


Plus, if you are really one of the first few people to report about it, then the chances of people of stumbling on your website will be higher when they are searching on more information regarding the subject matter. Therefore, more people will start linking to you first as well.


Readers love fresh content and the search engines love it even more.




Everyone has problems. Some people have big problems, some people have minor ones, and some are just plagued by them. Bottom line is that people are always on the lookout on ways to solve their problems. And if you can be seen as someone who is a provider of solutions to their problems, needless to say people in your niche will constantly come flocking to your site.


But first, you must identify and fully understand your target market and their problem before you can provide any solutions to them. You must first know what problems they are facing. By finding solutions to more common problems, you can cater to a large range of your target audience. But also, do not neglect the ones with rarer problems.


Rarer problems usually involve a more difficult and complex solution but this also means that the people who are suffering from these problems are more desperate. And when they are more desperate that means they are more inclined to do anything if they believe it can help solve their problems. Which includes buying something if they believe if it a solution to their problems. This means if you can provide a solution and market it to these people, you will naturally get a higher conversion rate right there.




Link baiting is a great backlink building strategy. And in many ways, it is a far superior strategy compared to manual link building. All it takes is coming up with great contents for your site, and all it takes is just one content to go viral and you will have that enormous boost of traffic that all online business owners are constantly striving for.


The key is to constantly and consistently keep coming up with content for your site as you will never know as your next content could be that ultimate link bait.