Keep Those Big Fat Affiliate Checks Rolling In With This Simple 3 Step Affiliate Marketing Plan

Knowing how to promote other people’s products in a strategic but authentic way is currency greatly increase your chances of seeing significant results within your affiliate marketing online business.

These three following steps are vital to helping you dramatically increase your affiliate conversions.

Lead Capture Page (Squeeze Page)

Knowing how to setup a simple one-page website so that you can capture someone’s e-mail address is a vital first step in your own affiliate marketing plan. Create something that you can give away for free and make sure it is valuable and can entice a visitor to want to enter their name and e-mail address into your squeeze page in exchange for that free gift.

This then allows you to follow up with your new subscribers so you can give away more free information and also offer paid product’s and services over time within your auto responder service.

Creating A Steady Flow Of Targeted Traffic

Once you have created your lead capture Page, created a free gift you can give away and set up some basic e-mails you can send out your new subscribers; you then need to focus on driving targeted traffic towards your squeeze pages. If you have chosen a huge niche that has a consistent flow of hungry prospects who are constantly seeking information; you then and nicely placed for driving that traffic back to your squeeze pages and ultimately making sales at the back end of your sales funnel.

Build a simple traffic generation plan and stick to it until you begin to see a nice steady flow of traffic entering your sales funnel and ultimately becoming hot prospects.

Keep Improving Conversions

When you begin to see high volumes of traffic enter your sales funnel; you can then begin to look at the numbers to see where simple tweaks and changes needed to be made in order to see higher affiliate conversions. Sometimes you may only need to make a simple change within the headline of your squeeze page in order to increase your affiliate commissions by hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month.

You can test different parts of your sales funnel by cloning certain pages and testing them against each other to see which converts the best.