Join Thousands Of Successful Make Money At Home Clickbank Members With These Top Tips

Referral marketing has become one of the fastest-growing make money at home business opportunities available online today. There are many ways you can tap into huge markets that have a consistent flow of high volumes of buyer traffic. You can then discover where this buyer traffic hangs out and refer them to affiliate products and earn fantastic commissions by doing so.

Clickbank has become one of the biggest affiliate marketplaces for downloadable information products. You can go into the marketplace by becoming a member which is free to join and then simply search the network and begin promoting highly sought-after affiliate products.

These steps have been broken down so you can simply start using them to make money online.

Top Tip #1 – Promote Proven Products

This may sound like an obvious tip to be shared but it is often overlooked and that is why so many people wonder why they don’t make any affiliate sales. There are some fantastic products available at Clickbank but there are also some that over promise and under deliver. This can ruin your reputation as a trustworthy marketer and can damage your future affiliate recommendations and ultimately cut your profits dead.

Before choosing a product conduct a simple search at Google by typing in the product name and look for as many reviews and positive feedback as possible before even considering promoting it as an affiliate.

Top Tip #2 – Promote Recurring Payment Products

Now that you have found the products that produces the goods and is well worth the effort of you promoting it; you now have the option of whether to promote that product because it may only offer a one single payment for every referral. If your chosen affiliate product also comes with recurring payments then you have found the winner. Also known as residual earnings; these are products that continue to pay you month after month long after the initial sale has been made.

You could simply offer a prospect a free offer at the front-end of the sales funnel and then the affiliate product owner offers your referral a chance to join their membership site. You then have the luxury of being paid many times over for just referring that prospect once to the recurring paying affiliate product.

Top Tip #3 – Build An Email List

This can greatly increase your affiliate sales conversions as building an e-mail list is a great way to build trust and credibility with your prospects before referring them to your target affiliate product. You can give something of value away for free that is closely related to the affiliate product in exchange for a prospects e-mail address. You can then continue to build that trust and market to your list of subscribers and show them the possibilities and get them excited before you direct them to the chosen affiliate product.

Developing your skills as a marketer before trying to sell anything can increase your sales conversions and see your commissions sky rocket to new heights.

Top Tip #4 – Build Review Sites

Similar to building an e-mail list except you are building a review site that allows people to see what the affiliate product is all about before making a decision whether to make a purchase or not. One tactic is to use videos and upload them to YouTube and try to get them ranked high up on the search engines prior to a particular product being launched at Clickbank.

Once your video is ranked on page 1 of the search results for that particular product; you can then enjoy lots of free targeted traffic visiting your review site via your video and make fantastic commissions that way.