Is There A Shortcut To Making Money Online By Attending Top Interent Marketing Events

bulls-eye-275So as the title states: “Is there a shortcut to making money online by attending top Internet Marketing Events”?


…As most of you (who are already on my list or a regular reader at my blog) already know. I attended one of these events in Cabo, Mexico recently and I must say that it was by far the BEST one I’ve attended since I can remember.


I think it’s because the event planners (Hosts of the event) have to WOW the attendees as much as they possibly can so that they will spread the word about their business, they will promote their products as an affiliate…

…And I believe the REAL reason is that the people hosting the event itself know they can always create a whole new web of contacts, friends for life and partnership deals that can make them millions of dollars in the future.

So what is my answer to the question at hand today?

I’d say mostly yes, it does give you the energy, drive, passion and all the help you could ever ask for when it comes to catapulting your online business to new heights.

So for any newcomers that feel a bit shy and as though they have to have something to offer before they even think about going to one of these events.

Then I’d say…

…How long do you want to wait before you start seeing REAL, solid, consistent incomes from your online business?

One of the speakers at the event kept on saying during his presentation…

…”It’s Not What YOU Know; It’s WHO You Know”!


Me and MR “Super Blogger” himself “John Chow” at the event in Cabo, Mexico

I can honestly say that there is a HELL of a lot truth in that. Because every time I’ve been to one these types of events; I’ve always come away with new ideas, new friends and contacts for life and with a feeling of REAL EXCITEMENT & ENERGY.

A lot of this Internet Marketing thing does require YOU & ME to sit at a computer for long periods of time. So getting out there, re-charging your batteries and coming away feeling totally re-charged and vitalized is always a great thing to do.

Not only that…

…You’re getting TOP TRAINING from some of the BEST Internet Marketers on the planet.

At this event there were speakers like: Mike Koenigs, Mark Hoverson, Joe Sugarman, Larry Benet, James Schramko, Mike Hill, Mark Seaton, Curtis Broome plus many more.

You can’t get this kind of training, JV partnerships, new ideas, making new friends by sitting at home in your office every day.

Of course, eventually you do need to get to the office and get some work done.


Me again with the “One & ONLY” Mr “Joe Sugarman”

But I remember having a conversation with one of the speakers at the event and one thing he said that really stuck in my mind was…


It’s true.

I’ve gotta admit I used to be like most people who first start out online.

I used to believe that you don’t need to be hampered by all the events that go on and that it will only distract you from your work and will slow you down.

CRAZY I know.


Me stood next to the Main Event Stage…


View From My Hotel Room…







A little BOAT trip we all went on…



Joe Sugarman & Mike Koenigs…










As you can see from the pictures the event was set in a beautiful location and the food was excellent.

The event lasted for 3 days, 4 nights and we even took part in some FUN activities like “ZIP LINING” which was excellent. I’m a bit of an ADRENALINE JUNKY when it comes to things like that.

I once did a skydive for charity at 14,000 feet so this was definitely a perfect fit for me.

This is what separated this event from most of the others I’ve been to in the past. Most of the usual events that take place are just all about networking, training and making deals.

This event definitely had the FUN FACTOR involved and there were lots of laughs along the way.


Me & John Chow again… This ones on the BOAT Trip again that was excellent!

So would you like me to share some tips and tricks I picked up from some the speakers there?

Okay I thought you may have said yes to that. So I’m going to share what I think are some fantastic tools and other things that get straight to the point. As I say they were speaking and I had to take notes so I’m going to give you the best I can.

Here it goes:

1. Always FOCUS on “Revenue Producing Activities” in your online business – Like (A) writing emails to your list (B) Generating new traffic (C) Creating new products (D) Doing a sales webinar etc etc

2. The one true secret to creating an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER is to find the PERFECT BUYER and give them what they want on a silver platter. (Think about it) If you try and feed someone who has just eaten, do you think they would appreciate it as much as someone who hasn’t eaten for days or even weeks?

3. QUIT calling yourself a newbie. This is a great one. Think about it and just ask yourself “How long have I been in the Internet Marketing game”? How much do you currently know? I bet that if you wrote everything YOU knew or learned every single day that is I.M. related, you could soon have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and more products you can sell to others who still call themselves NEWCOMERS.

4. Finding just ONE or TWO PERFECT buyers can change your life! Again just think about it. I’ve had people buy every single one of my products and then still email me and ask for one on one personal coaching. Not only that, I believe that the longer YOU go on making no sales from your business, the more excuses you’ll have not to continue and push on.

5. Create a story – Sell your life story. If you told your email subscribers about the struggles you’ve had and how you came through it all eventually and are now living the dream; do you think that would have an impact on your sales? Hell yes it would. People want to get to know people, not robots. So letting people know your story before asking for the sale is okay.

6. Use ADBEAT.COM to uncover the BIG name advertisers spending strategies. You can now see exactly where the BIG BOYS spend their money on advertising and what they’re promoting and lots more.

7. Compress Time – Use the REAL LEVERAGE that MONEY gives you to compressing time. This gives you more time and freedom to spend on doing the things you want to do.

So there are some life changing tips and tricks you can use in your business right now.

That’s all for today’s  post so if you feel you want to add a comment or question just do the usual leave them below this post.