Is There A Cure For Information Overload? Try This It Works For Me

information-overloadLet’s get this progress killer out of the way for good!

Yes were talking about “Information Overload” and how you can get rid of it so YOU can focus on what works, create momentum and start making some decent profits from your I.M. ventures.

For me it’s like having a HUGE wave of views, opinions, facts, false claims and good information heading towards you every single day.

Everyone has an opinion, has their own way of making money online so how and where the HELL do you fit in with all this?

The Internet has been one of the greatest creations this century to hit our lives and will continue to influence and drive us as human beings for many years/decades to come I’m sure of that.

But bloody hell sometimes you can just be browsing for a simple piece of information online and end up coming away feeling totally confused and no wiser before you fired up your laptop.


Just stop and focus on one single thing at a time.

Dump all the distractions, opinions, information, false claims and all the other rubbish your poor little frazzled brain is currently trying to digest for just one minute.

I can bet you that even if you did have a plan written down or have had one in the past; you have still probably been tapped on the shoulder and dragged away from your one main focus.

You need a LIST! (a list of what you need to do not an email list although that is something you seriously need to think about doing also)

Not a big one.

But one that is digestible and not the size of a Giraffes neck.

So what do you do first to put an end to this tidal wave that is “Information Overload”?

First of all you need a basic I.M. business model to follow then YOU need to  put your own stamp on it.

Sound good?

Still confused?

That’s okay it is going to be so simple you’ll never go back to being a confused, overwhelmed monkey ever again.

Invest in a simple, non expensive notepad.

You know the ones that come with a binder so you flick through the pages at ease.

If you don’t have one right now just use any paper, grab a pen and write these following instructions down and then invest in a notepad to write in as soon as you can.

Right okay.

You ready to write?

Write these following 5 things down:

1. Product(s)

2. Up-sell(s)

3. Sales Funnel

4. Build Email list

5. Testing

Write “Priority” in a BIG BOLD HEADLINE at the top of the page.

These are what your main focus points are going to be for the next few weeks until you complete them.

Depending on how much money you have to start off with to spend on your business; the time it takes to complete these tasks will vary from one individual to another.

Not one size fits all the exact same way but everyone who follows these steps can expect to see some initial momentum at least and start building a list, make some sales and start growing a dependable, rock solid online business.

That’s what we are in this for right?

We’re not here to entertain ourselves and mess around as that is for the circus so let’s move on.

You now need to write down what needs to done in order for each task to be completed.

sign post

So for SALES FUNNEL you will write next to it:

  • How many products in my funnel
  • Do I need to add down-sells as well as up-sells?

And so on…

You will then do this for Products, Up-sells, Email list etc.

So for products it would be:

  • What is my 1st product going to be?
  • What price point do I want to use?
  • What is it going to be called?
  • Is it in video or PDF format?
  • Do I want to create it myself or could I  just use PLR?
  • Need to create a sales page
  • Can I afford to outsource it?
  • How long to spend on creating this product (is there a time limit? 2 – 3 weeks)
  • Need to create graphics (again can you afford to outsource this?)

For your up-sell (if you have one) the same questions would be asked as you asked for creating your 1st product

For building an email list it could be:

  • Need to choose auto-responder service
  • Set up emails (5 – 10) to go out automatically as soon as someone opts into my list
  • How do I wish to structure my emails?
  • Can I outsource this?
  • Set up a “buyers list” in my auto-responder for when visitors buy one of my products

For testing your sales funnel it could be:

  • Need to find reliable paid traffic sources (solo ad vendors, bing ads, ppc advertising etc)
  • How much do I have to invest?
  • Buy tracking software
  • Use Google Analytics to split test my squeeze pages/sales pages until I’ve found what converts paid traffic into profits

Get everything YOU need to get this system up and running WRITTEN DOWN!

This way you now have a laser targeted “PRIORITY” list you can focus on 100% and just FLUSH OUT any other minor tasks, ideas, outside influences you may encounter.

You may also want to download a FREE Mind-map software tool that allows you to put each individual task into a box and you can branch out and add smaller tasks within those main tasks so you know exactly where you are and what needs to be done.

For this “PRIORITY LIST” you need to decide how much time you want to dedicate to this and for how many days per week you wish to focus on these.

This way you still have dedicated time for:

  • Creating more ideas for products
  • Research (picking up ideas from other marketers you like the look of and implementing them in your business)
  • Outsourcing
  • Future planning

Take a nice big, long, DEEP BREATH!

Fell better?

You will.

Because unless you have everything in your head rather than having a rough but ready plan you can take action; you’ll end up becoming confused, see no light at the end of the tunnel and you’ll probably end up running off to the nearest GURU who will tell you it’s easy to make 1000’s of dollars in a few minutes with their latest plugin and you’ll probably end up buying it because you can’t handle the pain any longer.

Many of us don’t take “INFORMATION OVERLOAD” seriously enough and just hope it will go away some how.

Not gonna happen!

Get it written down at the bare minimum.

Even if it looks like a DOGS DINNER at the beginning it doesn’t matter.

It gets rid of 99% of your frustration, kills the overload, gives you momentum and you’ll feel a whole lot better once you know where you are heading rather than hoping for the best.

One more important note is to use your PC for any important links, URL’s and any other kind of link that helps you as you progress through your tasks.

Not everything can be written down of course but I guess you already knew that right?

Anyway hope you enjoyed this and as usual any comments that are related, useful and add flavor to this post are most welcome.