Is Finding Quality Website Traffic that Converts to Money Possible?

Finding quality website traffic is vital and finding it by using free traffic methods is a fantastic way to maximise your online business profits. Many online business owners feel they have to pay for targeted traffic and end up paying through the nose for it. Once you know where the free traffic is at and how to fully utilise it, you can avoid having to spend a small fortune before even seeing any kind of profits. Free targeted traffic is everywhere once you know where to look and once you have it within your grasp; you can have hundreds of targeted visitors landing at your websites every day.

You can start by looking for other website owners who are in the same niche as you. Once you have found a few of them you can begin to share web traffic with them. Some websites have thousands of visitors visiting them every week. This places you in a very strong position as it hasn’t cost you anything up front and can fast track your online business to the next level with almost zero effort on your behalf.

Write articles on a consistent basis and aim to write at least 2 a day until you have a massive archive of quality related material related to your business niche. Most importantly, submit this content to your own personal business blog before submitting them anywhere else. This content can begin to direct targeted traffic towards your site because of the pre-targeted keywords your articles already have placed within them. Search engine spiders will crawl the Internet looking for fresh and unique content and will begin to reward you with top search engine rankings if you update your site daily fresh and unique content.

Once you have built up enough unique content, you can create information products with them. EBooks are a great way to build up a database of pre-qualified subscribers by offering a free EBook to them at the front end and then promoting related products at the back end. You can also submit your articles to directories, high traffic blog sites and by adding the content to forums as threads or posts. Make sure you have permission to do so before posting your content at forums as it may lead to them placing a ban on your membership.

You will find that once you have built a reputation by providing consistent and relevant information, others will begin to pass it around the web. This begins to build a viral traffic web from your original articles as you will begin to be looked upon as an expert within your particular niche.

As you can see, the power of free traffic is far more usable than many people may think. This does not mean you should not consider paying for traffic though. Once you start making decent profits from your free traffic, you can always consider using paid traffic sources to explode your traffic numbers even further.