Instantly Increase Sales With These Hypnotic Time Tested POWER Words And Phrases


Turn Prospects Into Repeat Paying Customers By Unlocking Their Emotional Barriers


Words are very powerful tools when used at the right times, place and to the right audience.

That is why email marketing and Internet Marketing continue to stand the test of time.

Smart marketers know that they can use PROVEN POWER EMOTIONAL trigger words that can unlock almost any level of doubts between the potential customer and marketer at hand.

So once you start to use these following powerful emotional trigger words either within your sales copy, within your emails, your sales page headlines, email headlines, email links or any other particular call to action as part of your overall marketing strategy you’ll want to make sure that you also do the following…


  1. You’ll want to make sure that you can strategically use these POWER WORDS to persuade or at least influence someone to take action. This could be to BUY one of your products or open and click on one of your emails etc.


  1. Try to address and point out any particular PROBLEM OR PAIN that your potential customer may be having or may come across in the near future.


  1. Then present a SOLUTION that you have for them that can solve that particular pain or problem they currently have.


  1. List all the main features & benefits of your solution.


  1. Try to dispel any frequent doubts or objections someone may have about buying your solution.


  1. And finally you will then add your main “Call To Action” to your copy so that someone can either buy, click or take any other particular action you want them to at that time.

So you need to learn and discover how and where to add these power words into your copy by TESTING, TWEAKING & fully OPTIMIZING your campaigns so that all the components WORK TOGETHER as one complete system.

I’ve seen people who have aimlessly gone out and used these words without putting any prior thought or strategy in place first almost expecting these words to magically produce the results they desire completely on their own.


But use them, test & measure your campaigns and you’ll soon realize how powerful they really are.


But what I will say is that YOU ARE at an EXTREME ADVANTAGE above most other marketers because these words have been proven to act almost like “Commands” but without coming across as so.

These words will actually tell your potential future customers what to do but in a way that goes un-noticed by them as being demands or any under handed strategies you see some marketers use online from time to time.

Here’s an example:

“Read every last word on this page and you’ll discover the key to SUCKING away tons of cash for retirement before its TOO LATE and your time RUNS OUT”

This headline is actually trying to TELL YOU what you need to be doing with your time in the next 10 – 30 minutes of your life.

It doesn’t have a divine right to do so right?

But it does it in a way that paints a picture in your mind of that scenario already happening and so almost FORCES you to read on regardless.

If you’re at the retirement age you may have even gotten a little EXCITED at the thought of this happening in your life right?

And this headline has used “MONEY” sprinkled in with some power words in a strategic way to get you to take action.

In this case it would have been to read the next line in a sales page, then the body copy and all the way down to the “BUY NOW” button.

But either way this headline would have gotten most folks to at least read the next line of text which would have been the sub header or the first paragraph with very little resistance indeed.

But let’s compare this example with another more to the point approach…


“Buy this retirement CASH SUCKING product right now for just $97.00”

I’m guessing that this phrase or title wouldn’t have been met by most people who read it with open arms.

I mean that is more of a “Call To Action” at the END of being pre sold via an email, sales copy or as an up-sell for example.

You wouldn’t use this as your main title or at the start of an email would you?

People would instantly be asking questions like:

  1. Why should I buy this?
  2. What’s in it for me?
  3. What will this do for me?
  4. What for?

And most would just probably say “NO” and leave without ever bothering to listen to what you have to say ever again.

Using this kind of copy at the start of your campaign would almost certainly SPELL DISASTER for your conversion rates even if you then went onto produce some of the BEST sales copy ever known to mankind.

But once you begin to understand that planting a seed of vision or imagination into your visitor’s minds as soon as they land on whatever it is you’re trying to sell or cause some kind of action; you’ve already won more than half of the marketing battle.

We all have that HIDDEN GATE KEEPER inside our minds that instantly SHOUTS CAUTION as soon someone tries to ask us to buy something or give something away that we own without any proper reason for doing so first.

But once you know and understand how to unlock these gates within people’s minds then you’ll begin to get VERY EXCITED at the prospect of becoming a SUPER marketer that can persuade almost anyone to take action on what you originally want your prospects to do.

But this isn’t to say that I’m recommending that you go out and start selling any old rubbish or use this formula to trick people into buying something that has been made out to be much more than it isn’t.


Okay I think you get the idea.

I can assure you that once you get into the swing of things by using these words correctly and at the correct times you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without them.

You now have access to a WHOLE NEW WORLD of unlimited wealth and income sources depending on which niche you’re in of course.

It might feel a little strange having to FORCE yourself to use them at first but once you do and begin to see your FIRST RESULTS & SALES roll in; you’ll begin to get EXCITED at the never ending opportunities that these little lists of POWER WORDS can bring to you and your business.

Okay with that said lets begin shall we?



Here are some more WORDS for you to choose from below…





  • “Discover these EXPLOSIVE list building secrets that allowed me to add 1,856 buyers into my business in just over 4 weeks without spending a single dime on advertising”
  • “Here’s how to turn ONE single unfair advantage left in BLOGGING in your favour & into REAL profits of well over $2,765.87 or more every single day”
  • “Uncover these powerful insider secrets that will literally SKY ROCKET your job prospects and FORCE your employees to beg you to come & work for them”



FINAL WORDS OF ADVICE: Feel free to look over these words whilst you’re using them on the things that require you use them more frequently like sending out emails for example.

This is by far THE FASTEST WAY to get GOOD at using these power words by practicing whilst YOU EARN money from your emails.

Then once you look at your email open & click-through rates and find that they are INCREASING RAPIDLY day after and week after week; then it’s time for you to start using what you have learned and put these same practices into other areas of your business like writing sales pages for example.

Okay hope you enjoyed this weeks training and hope to see you getting some FANTASTIC RESULTS from what you’ve learned here today!