Inspiring Lead Generation Tips to Explode your Prospect Rates into Orbit

There are countless ways to attract visitors to our sites using lead generation tips and strategies. It is my aim to shed some light on some proven and effective ways of succeeding in this area of online marketing. After studying and obsessing over perfecting these techniques, you are going to see how easy it can be to capture subscribers into your marketing funnel by implementing these techniques laid out here today.

Top Tip Number 1: Investing in an auto-responder is vital if you are serious about marketing to potential prospects and building relationships with them. For a very small investment; around $20 a month, you can direct visitors to a page on the web where they can easily fill out there name and email address. Once they have joined your list, you can manage everything from your control panel, from promotions to newsletters. The list is really endless and you will be glad you invested in this software once you begin to see the response rates.

Top Tip Number 2: I always believe that the simplest of ideas are always the best. This is why I am going to mention blog commenting as one of my top tips. Just find blogs that are related to your niche and start to provide some useful information within the comments box usually at the bottom of a web page. If you are stuck for something to write, you can look at previous comments and just get some ideas as to what it is people are commenting on. Then just add your own opinion along with something positive and you should be okay. You can then add a link to your comment either at the end of a comment or some blogs have a pre-defined box for adding your link back your site.

Top Tip Number 3: Online giveaways are a great way to start getting prospects onto your subscriber database. You may find though that already having a few hundred people already on your list is going improve your chances of success with this method. Once you have applied the above techniques and have seen some positive results, you may want to then move onto this technique instead.

Top Tip Number 4: Using forums is a great way to build up trust and relationships with like minded people. You can add your signature link pointing back to your site and when people see a post you have contributed to the forum, they will more than likely click on your link. You have to remain active on forums and contribute to them on weekly basis to ensure you become a well known and appreciated member. Just get involved and aim to provide valuable content, ask questions and help fellow members where ever you feel you can.

With these kinds of techniques, you will find that once you begin to get a feel for what is exactly required, you won’t want to stop. It is all about taking that first step and finding some momentum with your efforts, which you can then build upon and grow your business to new levels.