How To Increase Affiliate Sales Using Solo Ads The Right Way – 3 Step Strategy Reveals How

How To Increase Affiliate Sales Using Solo Ads The Right Way – 3 Step Strategy Reveals How – By ‘Ibrahim Dahey’.

How To Increase Affiliate Sales Using Solo Ads The Right Way - 3 Step Strategy Reveals How

How To Increase Affiliate Sales Using Solo Ads The Right Way – 3 Step Strategy Reveals How

Solo ads are a great strategy for affiliate marketers to increase affiliate sales directly or indirectly.

Many marketers across various niches spend a lot of money and time building their email lists, they try to build a buyers list so they can use it to sell their own products or affiliate products.

And some of those marketers will allow you to send your own newsletter to their list (i.e. renting their list), and this is what solo ads is all about.

Since you can tap into other marketers list, it provides you with an easy way to generate targeted traffic to your affiliate offers.

If you are looking for direct clicks to your affiliate link then you can place it in your solo ad copy, although if you direct the solo ads click to your product review page then you could achieve better conversion results.

That’s because you can hardly establish the product’s quality in an email message.

Solo ads can be considered as a form of performance marketing because most marketers will charge you only for clicks generated from your solo ad. It is similar to pay per click ads model that Google, Facebook, and Twitter run.


Write a Clickable Call to Action

C.T.A or Call to action is the text you write before your affiliate link, or the anchor text of your affiliate link itself. It is often overlooked by many affiliate marketers who buy solo ads.

It is proven that a well written C.T.A can not only increase your email click through rate but also increase the engagement on your affiliate review page once they click your link.

You need to avoid over optimizing your C.T.A, in the sense that, you shouldn’t overwhelm your readers with multiple tasks to perform and instead keep your C.T.A focused on one benefit they will get when clicking your affiliate link.

For example, in the following C.T.A:

“Click here to Signup & Download X-Product to Access our Membership Area”

…You are asking your readers to do 3 tasks, Signup & Download & Access Member area. While this is still a good C.T.A, it however split their focus three ways.

A better simpler C.T.A can be:

“Click here to Signup to our Membership Area”

It is more direct and users will arrive to your page knowing what to do, which in turn will boost your signup rate by many folds since your readers will head to your page and not become distracted by anything else.


Where to Link your Solo Ad to

Some affiliate marketers will fall into the temptation of directly linking their solo ad to their affiliate offer using their affiliate link.

However you can link your solo ad to your sales funnel that can be either:

  1. Squeeze page
  2. Product Review page

If you direct your solo ad traffic to your squeeze page, it will help you build your list fast.

List building is a very effective technique in affiliate marketing, as it allows affiliates to better sell their products. Carefully nurturing your list subscribers and developing a trust will yield in better conversion rates. And that’s why collecting leads via solo ads is not such a bad idea.

Linking your solo ad to your affiliate review page is a great way to outline the benefit of the product and showing how good it is.

Your solo ad email copy is very limited in the number of words you can put in, and placing images in your email message is not such a good idea.

Many email clients will not show your images by default because they try to protect their users from potential threads and also to optimize the email loading speed.

This leaves you with limited options when trying to pitch your affiliate product right into your solo ad. And also highlight the importance of linking your solo ad to your review page so that you can put whatever you want there without any restrictions.


How to Write your Solo Ad Copy

Your solo ad copy is the actual email message that will be sent to the list subscribers.

When you are writing your solo ad email you should forget that you are doing affiliate marketing, and instead turn on the “copywriter mode” inside you. Because email copies in general should not be promotional and trying to sell products like affiliate marketing is.

Your solo ad is just like any email message you sent hundreds of times. Start with the subject line, it needs to be catchy.

There is an old saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover”, Well my friend, this doesn’t apply here.

People actually will judge your email from its cover (subject line), so you need to be very careful with it.

The first thing the solo ad readers will see is the subject line of the email. Writing a catchy and emotional subject line can help increase your open rates.

Don’t be pushy in your subject line, because such emails could be confused with spam products. You instead want your subject line to be as short as possible and yet offer a unique benefit and solution to your target market.

Don’t put “Re:” in your subject line in an attempt to fool the readers of thinking that this is a follow-up email.

People are smart enough to catch those dirty tricky, and they will not only ignore the email, they will even mark it as spam so it won’t appear in their inbox ever again.

Another important part of your solo ad is the email body itself.

Long email messages are not only hard to read but also boring. If you are putting your review page link in the email then try to talk first about the problems people have in your niche, this way you can show them that you are an expert and know what you are talking about.

After that, make a soft introduction to your affiliate product and connect with solving the problem you mentioned, and then add your C.T.A at the end.

Don’t be pushy about the product and should always remember that your goal is not to sell the product in this email message, but instead you are trying to make them click your link.


Affiliate marketing using solo ads is proven many times to work and generate affiliate sales. Just like any other paid advertising campaign, you need to always test your campaign and try different solo ads providers to compare the conversion rates.

Many affiliate marketing courses and blogs will teach you how to do solo ads to generate affiliate sales.

Combine that with other affiliate marketing techniques found here and you should be able to get your affiliate website running and making sales.

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How To Increase Affiliate Sales Using Solo Ads The Right Way – 3 Step Strategy Reveals How – By ‘Ibrahim Dahey’.


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