How YOU Too Can Build A List With JV Giveaway Events & Create Massive Wealth From Your Online Business!

There are many ways for you to build your list of subscribers that will respond to your messages in a way that will allow you to make a very nice full-time income from your online business. J.V. giveaway events is one way that you can build your list rapidly and short cut your way to building a list size that can benefit you in terms of going from zero incomes to potentially earning thousands of dollars per day.

Many Internet marketers use JV giveaway events to further bolster their list building efforts. This adds new subscribers to their lists and potentially adds proven buyers to their lists which can be placed onto a segmented part of their auto responder. JV simply means joint-venture and this is where lots of Internet marketers join an event and each of them give away a particular product of theirs for free.

These events are usually organised by one or two Internet marketers and is managed using a script that allows the events to be screened so both Internet marketers and potential subscribers can use them easily. The organisers of the event can build their lists and also add additional services to the event that allows them to earn extra commissions from up sells or any other products they want to advertise. Anyone with a free gift can join these JV giveaway events and this allows you to place a link that directs visitors to just squeeze pages and allows you to add subscribers to your list for free.

If you were to join a JV giveaway event, you would then be known as a JV partner. You simply direct your e-mail subscribers towards the JV giveaway event and everyone else who joins also does the same. This allows you to place yourself in front of a lots of visitors and ultimately allow these visitors to see your free gift and they will hopefully sign up to your e-mail list as a subscriber.

Once you sign up to join a JV giveaway event, you will then be sent an e-mail confirming the time and date of when the event actually starts. They usually run for around two weeks sometimes more and this allows you to e-mail your subscribers enough times for them to be able to choose from a variety of free information products. This further enhances your relationship with your list but also allows you to build your list of subscribers from other people’s traffic at the same time.

The more subscribers you send to a JV giveaway event who then sign up and select free gifts; the more higher up the list your free gift is placed. If you are placed on the first page of the giveaway event you stand a great chance of adding massive amounts of subscribers to your list depending on how many other Internet marketers have signed up for the JV giveaway event itself.

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