How YOU Can Start Seeing The Big $250 – $1000 Paydays With List-Building

Utilising a proven list building model can fast-track your learning and understanding of how to build a successful online business that can last for years to come and keep on paying you with potential paydays that any make online marketer sees on a daily basis.

Seeing big paydays becomes possible once you understand simple process and begin to take action and start building the proven profitable sales funnels that can produce the big $250 – $1000 days.

You will begin to find that actually finding subscribers is the easy part of list building once you develop a traffic building momentum within your online business. One big stumbling block people face is knowing how to develop a relationship with your subscribers once they have joined your e-mail list. Once you know how to implement this step within your online business; you will begin to notice that any recommendations you make will ultimately result in massive profits.

Here are some steps you can take right away and start building your own profitable e-mail list of subscribers:

Step #1: Buy your hosting and a domain name. You can choose a reputable source of hosting by selecting host Gator as they are extremely reliable and come with an outstanding customer service. Then you can go to for your purchase of a domain name.

Step #2: You can setup your first squeeze page by using free software like Kompozer that allows you to build professional looking one-page website’s in the matter of minutes. There are also paid versions you can use but if you are short on cash at the beginning then using a free option like the one mentioned above will be fine.

Step #3: Create a simple report that you can give away for free. You can use PLR for this step and change the graphic’s and contents by rewriting them to your own style so they become completely unique to you. There are people who can create great e-book covers for just five dollars. You can also use video tutorials as a way of giving something away for free in exchange for someone’s e-mail address.

Step #4: You can then purchase some cheap solo ads from recommended sellers that are proven to give you the amount of clicks you paid for. You can use or even the Warrior Forum to purchase these solo ads. If you have the funds available to you then you can even purchase a solo ad of up to 3000 people that are proven to be interested in your free offer. Even if you’re squeeze page is only converting at 50% then you can literally have 1500 people on your list in no time at all. If you are smart and have a decent one-time offer in place; you can even make most of that initial investment back.

Step #5: Once you reach these kind of numbers, you can do Ad-swaps with other list owners at and any other JV partner you wish to do a swap with. You can easily send 100’s of subscribers to each other’s lists and benefit by adding fresh leads to each other’s lists on a consistent basis. You can do this as many times as you like but you have to remember that over-doing this step could mean that you could be back-tracking in order to provide the numbers of clicks that your swap was originally for.

Aim to do 2 swaps a week to start off with so you can at least stick your side of the bargain and ultimately build your list up to massive numbers in no time at all and start seeing profits that can take your online business to the next level.