How To Use Forums To Explode Your Subscriber Numbers & Increase Profits Month On Month

Forum marketing is often ignored as way of generating targeted traffic and adding fresh subscribers to your online business. If you are in a massive niche; then you are bound to find forums that receive massive amounts of traffic from people who are very eager to seek advice information from a reputable source as yourself. Any smart marketers soon realise that forums can produce a steady flow of leads and new subscribers towards their online business sales funnels.

There are usually two routes can go down when using forums is a targeted marketing strategy. You can use their advertising sections and sell your products directly to their visitors away or you can steadily build yourself up to be an expert in your field of knowledge. Being seen as an expert allows you to easily recommend your information at your website, easily build a list of subscribers and recommend products and services to an commissions as an affiliate or even selling your own products.

You can use the advertising sections to build your list by offering free reports, videos or any kind of information that people will appreciate and in turn; will give you their email address in exchange for that free gift. Trying to sell to an audience straight away using the paid advertising option is going to require you have a product that is out of this world in order for people to buy from someone who has not been a member at the forum for very long.

Not all forums are the same and from my experience not all of them offer a paid advertising option where you can easily get your product in front of thousands of members who are already interested in what you have to offer. With this in mind we are going to look at every possible action you take to make forums your best lead generation marketing companion.

Finding forums that are related to your business can be easy to find by using the search engines to find them. Just type in the specific keywords that are closely related to your business and you will see a huge list of forums that you can join in most cases for free. You can add all your business information within your profile, you can add a signature link points back to your website or the capture pages that allow you to build a list of subscribers and also many forums allow you to change your profile and signature at any time.

Once you begin to post regular information that can help fellow members; you’ll soon be seen as a valuable member at that particular forum. You only need to spend 30 minutes a day asking questions, answering questions and posting content that can improve people’s lives in whatever it is they are interested in. After a few weeks depending on how much traffic that particular forum receives; you will begin to see a steady flow of traffic heading towards your business.

Once you see this targeted traffic flowing towards your online business; you can then figure out how to monetise that traffic and make profits from it by turning that traffic into subscribers and then potential customers.