How To Speed Up Your List Building Efforts By Using PLR To Your Advantage

Not everyone knows about PLR and think that they have to come up with every single piece of content themselves in order to build an email list of subscribers. This is simply not the case and you can find some great PLR sites there that can allow you to leverage off other peoples content and build your email list super fast.

Building an email list of subscribers who are looking for products and services you provide is a fantastic way to make massive amounts of incomes whilst allowing your auto-responder to do most of the work at the back-end of your sales funnel for you. You can easily use PLR to persuade your visitors to sign up for a free report in exchange for their email address.

If this is something that sounds very enticing to you then you should consider these following tips that can allow you to fast track your list building efforts and use PLR to it’s fullest advantage. Usually PLR comes with rights to edit the graphics and content within them so you can easily add your own stamp to them to make them look more appealing to your potential customers.

You could easily re-write the whole e-book yourself in just a matter of hours if you really put your mind to the task. You could change it around, add a few chapters that are written to your own style and before you know it; you have a completely different looking e-book you can offer to your site visitors.

If your e-book is an old PLR product and it’s graphics don’t look too good, you can always hire someone to create a brand new e-cover for you at This is a double advantage as your PLR e-book now looks like no other out there but also looks up to date and much more appealing to your audience. It also allows you to upload your product to a JV Giveaway event without being refused as the event owners usually don’t allow 2 products that are the same to be uploaded to such an event.

Now that you have created your own spin on the PLR product, you now have many advantages to gain from it. They allow you to grow your email list, allow you to pre-sell any paid products you have or promote affiliate products as a OTO; and even allow you to place affiliate within them so you can earn commissions from directly within the e-book itself.

Always aim to completely place your own spin on any PLR you use and allow your subscribers to know who you are by adding a picture of yourself and a signature at the beginning and at the end of the e-book. Also mention your name and introduce yourself by adding a brief description about your background and how you became an Internet Marketer etc.

This allows your new subscribers to remember you and places you as an authority within your niche so when you further communicate with them via email, they will instantly know who you are and this alone can massively increase your chances of making a profit from your online business.