How to Select a Profitable Niche – Looking for Strong Indicators

Today we’re going to be looking at some really good, strong indicators that this is a
niche that YOU can really go into with confidence, knowing that you can build a
profitable, sustainable & solid online business around.

So what are some good strong indicators of a profitable niche? When you’re looking
to build a profitable online business, build an email list of clients & buyers and build
a repeat buyers online business that is scalable too.

Here are some examples that you can choose when you are looking for a profitable
niche to find your way into.

So looking at the Internet Marketing niche as an example and product Marketplaces,
we can get a really good insight by scoping these marketplaces out and seeing how
well they are doing in terms of profit turn over from the products that are sold there.

So what is an online niche product Marketplace then?

Basically a product Marketplace is where lot’s and lot’s of downloadable information
products and services are being sold and these could be in the form of:


Video courses

MP3 based courses

Whatever format they’re in, if there are lot’s of these being sold actively day in, day out,
within these product marketplaces then that’s a strong indication that this is a niche
with potential for real profits that you could then venture into and build an online business

This tells us that there are lot’s of people who have needs that are actively looking for
this information and are more than willing to pay for it in cash.

So, where can you find such marketplaces that stock these products so YOU can add
your own and begin selling either your own or pick out some affiliate products you could
sell too?

1) Clickbank – Very well known in the Internet Marketing niche. Has been around for many
years, sells lot’s of products and services that fit a demand mainly in the I.M. niche but has
some “Weight Loss” niche products and some more obscure products listed there too.

2) JV – Another great place to sell your own products from and of course promote
affiliate products too.

3) Warrior Plus – Again, very similar to JV Zoo. Covers a wide range of I.M. products and
services that caters to those who are looking to make money online or build an online

4) Digiresults – Not as well known as the 3 marketplaces mentioned above, but still offers
pretty much the same in terms of selling and promoting information products & services
to fit peoples needs.

5) Amazon – I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this site before. I personally haven’t used
Amazon myself for my online business in terms of selling my own products and services
there, but if you find that there are lot’s of products being sold there in a particular niche
then you know it’s a good indication that there are profits to be made.

I perosnally use and continue to use Warrior Plus. This allows me to take payments,
add buyers to my email campaigns & give them their download links all on complete
auto pilot.

This is a HUGE time saver in your business. We all need more time, more efficiency
and systems that allow things to run smoothly.

So that is why I always use Warrior Plus to take payments and allows my buyers to
access their purchased products from me easily and with no hassle.

It also allows you to even link to your email autoresponder campaings so that your new
buyers can be sent through your email message sequence and buy any additional products
and services from you that may be of interest to them.

So if you are looking not to venture into this particular niche, you could always look to see
if there are similar marketplace websites that offer this kind of solution for your online

Also, you can look at the history of these websites to see how long people have been
activley purchasing products.

This will allow you to drill down into sub niche areas and see if you could venture into
those and start selling products by the bucket load because you spent a few hours looking
over these marketplaces and did your reserach first.

Okay, hope these tips give you a greater depth of analysis when seeking out the most
profitable niches you can go into.