How To Profit From Your YouTube Videos That Can Rank On Google Page #1

This post has been created so you can start earning substantial incomes by ranking you YouTube videos on the first page of Google.

Many online marketers have soon realised ranking videos rather than using traditional text based methods is far more easier and effective for ranking content on the first page of Google.

Utilising YouTube as a SEO strategy increases your chances of receiving more exposure for your videos here are some following strategies you can use right away:

1. Choosing Keywords Using The Correct Strategies – A very simple strategy for choosing your keywords is to look at what your competitors videos keywords are ranking well for both in YouTube and on Google. Long tail keywords tend to be much easier to rank for so make sure you title your video with a long tail keyword. Simply place those keywords at the beginning of your description for your videos and you can use these very first words as a link pointing back to your money pages.

You then have the advantage being able to strategically place various variations of those original keywords into your description. Your description should be around 300 to 400 words and once you have done this step you can add more variations into the tags section of your videos at YouTube.

2. Increase Your Chances Using Backlinks – A major advantage to using videos to rank well on Google is that YouTube is now owned by Google. Many websites have faced the Google slap when it comes to adding too many backlinks in a short space of time. When using videos you will find that you can add as many back links to them without being punished by Google. Just make sure that all your back links are not just focusing on your main keywords and are linked to the variations of your main target keyword.

3. Popularity Wins The Race – Making sure that your videos encourage people to share, comment and interact with them is going to dramatically increase the chances of your video ranking highly on the search engines. You can encourage people to do this even more by placing your videos on sites like; Facebook, Squidoo and Hubpages etc. This tactic massively increases the reach and popularity of your videos and acts as a way to even further increase your chances of making massive profits from your campaigns.

YouTube still a great way to market your promotions and you can take advantage too as you now know that Google owns YouTube.

Your options are wide open as you can use these tactics to make sales as an affiliate or use your videos to direct traffic towards your website or squeeze pages and allow you to build massive e-mail lists so you can profit from the back end of your sales funnels.