How To Profit From Residual Incomes That Keep On Paying You Month After Month

Creating a momentum within your online business can be done by taking advantage of the residual incomes that are available to you. There are ways in which you can seek to profit from one effort that keeps on paying you month after month.

These following methods will hopefully clear any confusion and allow you to take action right away:

Step 1 – Create An Avalanche Of Traffic – This step does take time but is well worth it once you begin to create momentum that becomes unstoppable. This traffic will create fresh leads each and every day and will mean that you continuously have a chance to market to those fresh leads that are coming into your business everyday. Once you have established yourself within a certain niche; traffic should not be an issue and should continue to flow towards your online business even when you are not at work.

Producing content on a regular basis is a great way to find auto pilot traffic that continues to produce fresh leads everyday. You can write this content yourself to begin with and then find help by outsourcing your article writing and blog posting to even further enhance your traffic efforts. Once you have posted your content to your blog; you can then use that same content to further spread your message by posting it at forums, press release sites, article directories and even recreate them into free reports or even videos that can be distributed on You Tube for even more traffic.

Step 2 – Using Information Products – You can easily create information products yourself or find affiliate products that charge of a monthly basis. Either way they are easy for you to sell them as they can easily be downloaded and are not in physical form allowing them to be easily accessed. You can take advantage of the archives of content you have produced and bundle that up and set up your own membership site where you can charge a monthly fee for members to access that information.

Step 3 – Recurring Commission Programs – There are literally hundreds of products that you can promote as an affiliate that don’t just pay on a single transaction; you will pay you every month once you have recommended that product and someone has purchased it. For as long as someone continues as a member of that recurring commission program; you will continue to be paid a large commission of that amount and a continuous monthly basis.

You could easily make a full-time income by just recommending 20 people to join a membership site that offers recurring commission payments. If that membership site pays you $100 a month you could be earning $2000 a month for just recommending that program to those 20 people once.