How To Produce Your First $200+ Days Online

Okay without any further ado let’s look at how you can start making an extra $200 a day by implementing a simple but effective article marketing strategy. There are literally countless ways of making money with articles and not only can use these articles for making affiliate commissions you can also use them as content for funnelling traffic back to your squeeze page in order to build your list of subscribers.

But today we are just focusing on article marketing that promote directly towards affiliate products. You need to look for affiliate product’s

that pay you at least $30 every time someone buys this particular product. Just imagine if you can make up to 5 sales a day. This may sound easy or it may sound hard either way with this strategy once you implement it I can assure you you start seeing results.

Choose three massive niches is that all solve people’s problems all year round. When you choose massive niche is like: make money online, weight loss, personal development; you are placing yourself under a water fall of big spending customers.

Firstly find affiliate products are all these niches and create a blog where you can setup reviews of each product you have chosen. Now that you have done this step you can start writing articles directing potential customers towards your blog reviews. A good rule of thumb is to get to at least 100 articles.

So with you can write at least five articles a day that is 35 articles a week. So in just three weeks you have covered that particular niche and can move onto the next one.

You should start seeing at least one sale a day after covering one just one niche. So as you can see it isn’t rocket science it is just consistent focus following through right to the end of the process.

You can speed up this whole process by purchasing voice recognition software once you are in profits and can afford to purchase this kind of software. This software allows you to rewrite articles by speaking into the voice recognition software and that software will basically type what you are speaking in your own words.

This product is available from eBay and can save you weeks of time spent having to type your articles one by one. Also you can pay to have your articles submitted on

Again this is something you want to invest in once you’ve found you are in profit from your original efforts.