How To Make Your Tweets Count

Seven seconds is the average time it takes for a normal person, to sum up, another person. In other words, it takes around 7 seconds for an individual to make a good impression when introduced to someone new. On the World Wide Web however, you only have half (or even less) of that already relatively short time.


And on Twitter, you only have that short time and only 140 characters to do it.


There are thousands of social media sites like Twitter scattered throughout the World Wide Web. They come in all different sizes, languages, themes, users and such. For the more well-known social media platforms, there are millions of users on each of these sites and therefore, users have literally millions of choices for them to choose who they want to follow.


If users do discover your social media page or profile, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression, otherwise they will simply leave and move on to scour through other millions of potentially more interesting social media profiles or pages, which will be more appealing to them.


So it goes without saying that not only do you need to make a good impression, you need to make a striking enough impression to make them WANT to follow you or your business if you are on a platform like Twitter.


It’s hard to make a striking and lasting impression when you only have 140 characters to play with each time. However, it’s not to say that it’s impossible. Many times, it is always said that how you use the tool is more important than having the tool in the first place.


So here’s how you can start to make twitter your powerful social media marketing tool:



Q & A Sessions


Holding regular question and answer sessions is seen as a perfect and powerful means of engaging your target audience with a purpose. Every individual out there has their own beliefs and opinions and most of the time, all you have to do to get the conversation ball rolling is to ask them for their thoughts and opinions about a topic regarding your business or niche.


It just takes a little encouragement from you for your followers to really jump in and voice their opinions.


Nobody knows your target market better than your target market themselves. There are many valuable insight, and information which can be gained simply from interacting and engaging with your target audience or followers.


This information can be used in numerous ways for the betterment of your business. This includes identifying and discovering new problem areas which you have never realized and would have never found out if it wasn’t for engaging and interacting with your target audience or discovering new industry-related news and new trends in market behaviors, wants, needs or demands.


Plus, the feedback’s you are getting are all in real-time. Therefore, it helps to keep the flow and momentum of the conversation going on.


However, the tables can also be turned. Meaning that you will be faced with questions, which are directed to you by your target audience themselves. It’s only natural that you respond to their questions accordingly and professionally. If possible, try to address every question that your followers direct to you.


This will show that you do care and see them as valuable individuals who are respected and appreciated. Plus, it’s also a great way to establish yourself as a credible and reputable expert in your industry or niche who knows what they are doing and what they are talking about.


The more helpful you are, the more valuable you are going to be to your target audience, and word will definitely spread on your willingness to help and that is a great basis to build your following on, and you will certainly see a rise in followers (and reputation) if you stay on the current path.




What’s more exciting for your target audience then letting them in on great offers and promotions? This is one of the main reasons why followers choose to follow a business. It’s because they want to be among the first to be able to take advantage of such promotions or offers when it becomes available.


Offers could be comprised of up-and-coming exciting (niche-related) events, coupons, free stuff such as a free trial to a service or a free download to a software or tool, product demos and many more. Diversity in your promos and offers helps to keep things interesting, fresh and will have your followers always looking forward to more pleasant surprises.


This is the perfect way to reward your target audience for being your followers, and this is also a great way to create a boost in publicity and hype regarding your business, product or service. Chances are, the word will spread and you will have a surge of new followers.


Linking Out


It is common practice for businesses (like ours) to provide links to fellow followers and refer them to web-pages which we think will be interesting and valuable to them. It’s also common and also good practice if that link points to our very own page on our website therefore, effectively funneling-in our target audience to our website as traffic.


However, not every single link that we provide in the tweet should also just point to our very own site.


There is this common misconception that when you provide a link that doesn’t point to our website or one that simply points to another web-page that is not our own (but still related to our business or niche), we are “handing” our followers to the other party, and that we will lose that follower to the other party.


On the contrary…


People will only leave when we cease to offer any value to our followers, or we have not been doing so in the first place. When we constantly offer our followers value, there is simply no reason for our followers to leave regardless if they have found another social media profile, page or even web page.


So if we are doing everything right, we would not have to fear our followers leaving us. They would have left, one way or another, if they wanted to with or without our help. Followers who choose to follow a business are usually quite loyal and will continue to stay that way if given what they want.


There are many contents out there, which can provide value for your fellow visitors who are not on your website. So think of it as a healthy practice of “sharing” your find with your fellow followers. They will definitely appreciate it.


Examples of the kind of contents, which can be shared with your fellow readers, are contents which are “hot” or trending right now such as “Info graphics” and in addition to sharing facts, studies, research and much more such information. Just make sure they are related to your business or niche that you are in and that it appeals to your target audience as well.


If it’s too complex, technical or filled with jargon that your average follower does not understand, then paraphrase it or explain it in simpler terms, which is easily digestible and understandable. This is definitely one act that your followers will surely appreciate.




There are many social media marketing platforms out there. However, merely following a crowd and building your business profile on big social media sites is not enough for a business to build a successful presence on it.


When you delve into social media marketing, you first must discover what your goal are when building your presence on these sites and then come up with an action plan on how you can ultimately reach it. Only through proper planning will you have direction being on these social media platforms, and you won’t simply be wasting time, effort and money drifting or wandering around aimlessly.