How To Make Money Recommending Affiliate Products – 2 Top Fast Track Tips

Being able to recommend a product to someone and getting paid for doing so sounds like an extremely easy way to make money online. It actually is once you know how to market those products before actually sending someone to a particular affiliate product you wish to promote. Lack of preparation and research into an affiliate is a massive stumbling block that most newcomers face when joining the ranks of affiliate marketing.

You can avoid these kind of mistakes by properly carrying out research and minimise your losses by preparing your marketing sales funnel first and by following tried and tested affiliate marketing tips and strategies. Allow yourself to take advantage of other affiliate marketers mistakes by endorsing yourself with their information products that allow you to learn how to become a foolproof affiliate marketer.

These two following tips have been developed to get you off to the best possible start with affiliate marketing so you don’t become frustrated and give up too soon.

Affiliate Profits Tip #1: Stay Away From Over-Saturated Affiliate Products

Sitting at home and front of your computer makes you feel as though you are the only one out there promoting that particular affiliate product. This is a common mistake that newcomers make and because of the excitement and the simplicity of affiliate marketing; they simply go ahead and begin promoting that particular product. If you do your research beforehand you can then funnel out the affiliate products that are being over promoted by thousands of affiliate marketers out there.

Another great tip to follow is to choose big markets but then drill down into the sub niche categories of that market. If your chosen market is weight loss for example; there are tons of sub niches you can go at. Don’t get stuck with one particular affiliate product as you will soon become frustrated as some work is required for you to direct traffic to that particular affiliate product. Put your hard work to good use and look for fresh products that are showing upwards sales trends and place yourself below the money water-fall.

Affiliate Profits Tip #2: Market First Sales Later

As mentioned before the concept of affiliate marketing is a simple but powerful way to run a profitable online business in very little time at all. But there are always ways of doing things that are far more effective and proven to be profitable than others. Many people believe that very little work is involved simply because you are promoting someone else’s products.

You still have to drive traffic to your chosen affiliate product and you are still not guaranteed to make a sale. This is why I always recommend building a list of subscribers first. This way you can give something away for free like an e-book or a video that complements the future affiliate product you are about to promote.

You have built instant interest and relationship with someone by giving something away free. Also they are now nicely placed onto your e-mail list database and you can further strengthen our relationship and market to your subscriber before recommending affiliate products to them.

Knowing how to market to your subscribers before recommending affiliate products to them massively increases your chances of making sales and ultimately creating an extremely profitable online business sales funnel.