How to Make Money on YouTube Videos – Dominating With Video Marketing

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money on YouTube videos; from ad revenue by creating tons of video tutorials, to building an army of subscribers who are hungry for your information. YouTube is by far the best online video sharing site thanks to fantastic video recording software that is just about affordable for almost any body in today’s world. Just take a look at what all the big time marketers are doing on YouTube and I bet you will find they have tons of video tutorials already on display.

One great advantage to you as a marketer is that YouTube is completely free to use so it is very cost effective. A top tip is to create as many videos you can by using a web cam or video screen recording software. A free alternative is to use Jing as this allows you to record your computer screen. It is limited to 5 minutes recording but this is fine as you only require this amount of time anyway.

You ideally want your videos to be around 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes long so you can create a vast number of videos in a short space of time. For ideas, just learn some skills from what others are showing online and aim to make them closely related to what you are promoting. Google allows you to add ads onto your videos that display whilst people are watching your video, so this is a great way to earn extra revenue for doing no extra work.

A great tip is to look at high traffic videos and use similar keywords titles for your videos. Do not copy them word for word, but aim to make it so you can rank next to them on YouTube’s listings. This way, when people visit these high traffic videos, yours will be placed nicely underneath thus creating some nice free traffic when people notice your video also. If you have your own site, you can leave a link below your videos that point back to your site. When people click on your links, you can have quality information placed nicely on your site; have affiliate banners and links on your site that will pay you good commissions every time someone buys through your links.

You can place AdSense ads onto your website that are closely related to your videos chosen niche. Another great advantage to using YouTube; is that you can leverage their dominance within the search engine results. Promoting up and coming product launches within the Internet Marketing niche is another great way to make money on YouTube videos. You can give your views and opinions on an up and coming product launch and offer people some kind of bonus if they decide to buy this product through your affiliate link.

This can have many advantages because you get paid when someone buys through your link and you also have the option to have someone join your email list at the same time. How this works is; you explain in your video that you can give them a bonus that is going to compliment the gift you are promoting. Ask them to email you their receipt number after they have purchased and you can then send them a link to your opt-in page. Once they receive this bonus link, they are automatically added to your email list and this is a great way to add proven buyers to your list. This is one the most powerful ways to make a serious back-end income from your YouTube videos.