How To Make Money Investing In Solo Ads – 3 Quick & Simple Ways To Earn Maximum Profits From Them

Solo ads may get overlooked by many people looking for ways to profit from paid advertising. But when Solo ads are combined with proven high converting sales funnels; they are a lethal and highly profitable combination. These three following tips are going to help you understand how you can maximise your profits from every single Solo ad campaign you set up.

Add a OTO (one time offer) to your sales funnel

By introducing a OTO (one time offer) into your online business sales funnel; you are maximising your chances of making a profit or breaking even from your initial investment spent on a Solo ad campaign. You can setup your auto responder to single opt in so that when someone enters their e-mail address into the opt-in box and subscribes to your list; they will automatically be redirected to your one-time offer.

This page will be immediately displayed to your new subscriber allowing you to make front end sales and ultimately build your list for free as you are making sales from the paid traffic you originally invested in.

Add an up-sell to your sales funnel

If you can think of ways to increase the value of your original front end one-time offer by adding an up-sell to your sales funnel you can then begin to make good profits from your Solo ad campaigns rather than on the managing to break even or even a small loss. An up-sell can be easily set up and all you need to do is direct someone to your higher-priced up-sell product as soon as they have purchased your one-time offer.

Add a 2nd up-sell to your sales funnel

Once you have the first two parts of your sales funnel up and running; you can then look at adding a second up-sell to your sales funnel to further increase your profits from your paid traffic Solo ad campaigns. So for example if you were to add 500 people into your sales funnel after you have purchased paid traffic in the form of a solo ad and 7% of the traffic purchased your one-time offer; you would go on to make 35 sales.

After making the initial one-time-offer purchase your prospect would then see your first up-sell. So if that converted at 20% you would then go on to make a further 7 sales from your first up-sell.

As soon as those 7 prospects buy your first up-sell they will then be directed to your second up-sell. So if that converted at 30% you would make another 2 sales from your second up-sell.

This is just one example of how you can set up a simple sales funnel that turns Solo ad paid traffic campaigns into highly profitable ones.