How to Make Money from Your Websites – 5 Effective & Proven Ways

Knowing exactly how to make money from your websites is vitally important if you want to move forward with your marketing efforts. Whatever your focus is for your site, whether it is to build multiple sites or one big authority site, you eventually want to think about monetizing it so you can reap the rewards from all the hard work and effort you have put into your business. You really need to decide whether you want some quick cold-hard cash or you are patient enough to give a tremendous amount to your visitors for free, and then reap the rewards later on.

Here are 5 proven, simple and effective ways to make money from your websites:

Monetize Method 1: Allow your site to become a Marketplace

This method is probably going to be of more use to you, once you have built your site so it is seeing high levels of traffic, mainly from the search engines. With this method, you will find it has much more flexibility than let’s say selling banner ads for example. This is because you can create as many new sections to your site as you want, that are actually dedicated to selling just advertising to other marketers. A marketplace is a great way to monetize and make money from your website once you have the traffic flooding in.

Monetize Method 2: Become a Product Creator & Sell Them from your Site

There are many advantages to selling your own products via your own website. People who visit your site are already interested in what you have to say, so they are already going to be “warm prospects” anyway. You just have to make sure you place one of your products in a place where they are going to be more likely to buy it from you. Another advantage is that once you have created your product, you get to keep all the profits from every purchase. Another is you can then create an army of affiliates who will gladly promote your products for you, when they already know what your product is all about.

Monetize Method 3: Promote Related Affiliate Offers

This is by far one of the easiest and simpler methods for monetizing your own site. You can promote related offers on your site by placing banner ads onto your sites posts and pages. With traffic already coming to your site, you can start seeing that traffic creating affiliate commissions for you, without any extra kind of effort required on your part. This is where you will get a cut of the profits when you refer someone from your site to another product owner and when they buy, you get paid a slice of that profit.

Monetize Method 4: Banner Ads

Again, this something you can achieve once your site is seeing a massive flow of traffic on a more regular basis. Once your site becomes popular on the web, you can advertise banner ad space and negotiate your selling price with other marketers. You will find that many marketers will start approaching you without any effort on your behalf. Once you find a group of advertisers that are reliable and consistently advertise with you, it will become clear that this is one of the most lucrative ways to make money from your website month after month.

Monetize Method 5: Placing Google Ad Sense ads onto your Web-Pages

When people visit your site, they will see links or flashing images at various locations within your website. You can sign up to Google AdSense for free and start placing related ads by copying and pasting the code onto your pages once you are happy with how they look. All visitors have to do in order for you to get paid are just simply click onto your AdSense ads and you will get paid every time they click. A very neat trick is to find keywords or phrases that are related to your content and find the ones which will pay you top dollar for every click and just place them within your content on your site.

There is no stopping you from taking action now and start making use of these 5 lucrative ways of making money from your website today!