How To Make Money By Spending Money With Solo Ads

Investing in paid advertising for your online business promotions; has many advantages if you know how to build a profitable online business sales funnel.

Solo ads allow you to promote targeted offers to people on other marketers lists who have already shown interest in what it is you have to offer whether it be an affiliate product your own products and services.

The concept of this is so simple. Your approach a list owner and purchase a set number of clicks to your offer and watch the leads come in. This works great as a way for you to build a targeted list of subscribers and also allows you to segment anyone who buys from you on to a separate buyers list.

These following tips are going to show you how you can spend money and then make money almost overnight:

Fast Track Tip #1: You first need to set up your online lead capture page. This is also known as a squeeze page and this allows you to build a list of subscribers and convert them into paying customers. Once they have given you their name and e-mail address you then need to focus on turning them into paying customers. The higher your squeeze page converts the greater the numbers you will filter into your sales funnel when you purchase paid advertising solo ads.

Fast Track Tip #2: Placing an OTO or one-time-offer behind your squeeze page allows you to recoup the advertising costs you have spent from purchasing your solo ads. Placing an extremely valuable low-priced one-time offer directly behind your squeeze page massively increases your chances of making back your original investment. You can literally make your money back on the same day and this allows you to keep reinvesting your money into more solo ads and increase your list size a lot faster and make more profits.

Fast Track Tip #3: Having up sells and down sells in place in your sales funnel allows you to squeeze the best possible value out of every lead that has entered into your sales funnel. If someone doesn’t purchase your one-time offer; you can then offer them a discounted version of your original product by removing some of the more advanced parts of the product for example.

Fast Track Tip #4: By this time you have hopefully now at least broken even from the investment you have made by purchasing solo ads and then directing them to a one-time offer that is low priced high in value. It is now time to focus on promoting high end recurring paying affiliate products or even your own membership site etc. Whatever it is you want to make sure that people have to pay a monthly fee as part of a subscription service.

This allows you to make your original investment back but also make recurring paying commission profits from the backend of your sales funnel and ultimately make money on autopilot as your sales funnel is doing all the marketing and promoting for you.