How To Keep A Business Blog Going

There are many benefits for a business to have a blog. A blog is a great way for a company or individual behind the brand to connect with his/her customers on a more personal level. This can be a great brand and reputation building activity.


Blogging is also a great way for a business to continuously provide value time and time again for its customers and blogging happens to be one of the best mediums to achieve just that.


As beneficial as it sounds, it does take a significant amount of work to pull it off. To constantly provide value that your customers or target audience finds valuable and craves is no easy task, imagine doing it time and time again.


However, in this world where content marketing is gaining priority when it comes to building an online business, the method of delivering value first and foremost to your customers has become a necessity should a business wants to be successful.


There are millions of other business blogs on the World-Wide-Web, so why should people take the time to read yours? Well, I can tell you that an out of date and stale blog is the perfect reason not to read your blog and to never come back again. Well, nobody wants THAT to happen now don’t they for that’s totally the opposite reason of going through all that trouble to create a blog in the first place.


Here are a few tips which you can use to help you keep your blog active:


Daily Ritual


Every day there should be something that can be done for the benefit and improvement of the blog. No matter how big or how small the task or goal may be, adequate time should be set aside to achieve that goal. A little improvement every day goes a long way in the long run.


Plus, you shouldn’t set aside all the tasks to be reserved for a special “blog” day. Chances are when the day comes, you will forget what needs to be done or you try to squeeze every task in that single day.


You will definitely feel overwhelmed and eventually your blog will always feel like a chore. And like any chore, people tend to delay or avoid it.


So don’t procrastinate, if there is something even though if it’s just one thing that can be done for the blog today, then by all means do it. Better yet… do it first thing in the morning before you start your usual order of business.





Many people seem to hit a brick wall when it comes to the list of topics to blog about. They claim that there is nothing to write, or nothing interesting enough to write, or there is nothing to write about.


Well, the World Wide Web has so much information that one single lifetime is just not enough to cover all of it so how is there simple nothing to write?


When it comes to this, it’s time for you to get a little creative. You can always take mundane content, spice it up, and make it even more interesting than ever before. Or how about adding your personal take on a subject matter related to your niche? Personal opinions are always best to convey through a blog.


There are many ways to look at a subject or news. All you have to do is to dig deeper and find out. There could be something that may not be obvious, which you can highlight out in your blog posts.


The more news you read up out there relating to your niche, the easier it is for you to come out with new content. So start reading more while researching and come up with more ways on how you can provide unique value through your blog content to your target audience.


Also, ask for feedback and get the conversation rolling on your blog rolling. Great ideas can come from multiple sources, even from your very own blog readers. So do encourage feedback and do join in the conversation. A healthy blog is always a lively one.





You can always employ the services of a writer for your blog. Having 1 or more writers working on your blog’s content is a great way to keep things fresh for your blog and not to mention you don’t have to worry about it not being up-to-date anymore.


Each writer has his or her own writing style. So by employing more than 1 writer for your blog, it will be better for your reader as they get to experience a variety of styles which always keeps things fresh and interesting.


Multiple Mediums


Mention “blog post” and many people will picture a headline followed by a wall of text. This doesn’t need to be so. A blog post doesn’t have it just have to consist of paragraphs of texts.


Even a single video that you created or found can be shared can be used a post. OR it can be a slide show presentation, audio or even podcast. The best thing about these other kinds of multimedia formats is that you get to upload it to other sites. Take for example YouTube, if you had your own video you can upload it to YouTube and still link it back to your own blog. One might put it as effectively killing 2 birds with 1 stone.


Plus, sites like YouTube have millions of people visiting it each day, and every visitor is a potential viewer of your video.



Building a blog can be easy. But to build and maintain a successful blog is hard. If you are serious in seeing your blog become a huge success, then you will have to invest time and hard work into it. And always remember when it comes to your blog, what comes first is and always will be the benefit of your fellow readers.