How to Increase Blog Traffic by the Thousands Following These 3 Easy to Apply Methods

Today, you’re going to discover how to increase blog traffic by combining 3 top traffic methods in way that will explode your online business profits through the roof. Generating targeted traffic is the only way of producing massive profits from your online Internet Marketing business. All you have to do is start to make one work and move onto the next until you can combine all 3 and create a momentum that snowballs completely out of control.

Here are 3 ways to massively increase your blog traffic and they are all easily learnable and are also totally free:

Method #1: Article Marketing Power

This method continues to stand the test of time even to this very day. A lot of people who are new to article marketing tend to push it to one side thinking that there are far easier ways of developing traffic. This statement is true as you can buy traffic by the thousands and have them pouring towards your site in just hours. But what articles give you are outstanding flexibility and the power to convey yourself as an extremely knowledgeable expert within your particular business sector. You can place articles onto your blogs and have them indexed before submitting them to multiple places on the web afterwards.

People can pick up your content after you have submitted them to article directories and begin to place them on their own sites. This can produce a viral effect and have your content displayed all over the Internet. Traffic can begin to flood toward blog without you having to do any extra work. Also, you can combine those pre-written articles together into an information product and use them to build your list as a free gift or sell them for pure profits.

Method #2: Forum Marketing

An old method for driving targeted traffic to your blogs but still as effective as ever. If you look for forums that have been around for a few years, join them as this will give you a greater audience for you to market to. Become a regular and well respected contributor by consistently posting up good quality information and by asking relevant questions. On most forums people can see your stats and often trust people more when they see they have posted lots of useful content at the forum. So get involved, ask questions, make friends and help out wherever you can.

You can also add a signature linking back to your blog which people can see at the bottom of your posts or threads. Once people see you are a trusted authority they will often click onto your signature link and begin to look out for your future posts. When you reach this stage of becoming a trustworthy member, you will only have to post a few posts a day to start seeing a steady flow of pre-targeted traffic heading towards your blogs.

Method #3: Using the Power of Video Marketing

You can use the information within your already written articles and turn them into video information tutorials. Again, use the keywords and phrases that people are using to find this information and then create short 5-10 minute videos around that particular topic. Google now owns YouTube and are somewhat biased at ranking them well within the search engine results. You can take advantage of this and once you begin to build up an archive of pre-targeted well optimised videos, you will begin to see another stream of steady traffic begin to flow towards your target site.

Focus your efforts on creating articles first on a consistent daily basis and use that content to produce results for you in methods 1 and 2. If you do this consistently for a few weeks you will begin to see traffic flowing nicely towards your blog every day. Staying focused and giving yourself time to build these traffic streams will steadily give you all the traffic you can handle. Don’t try and achieve everything in one day, just take small baby steps every day until the results happen before your very eyes and you will be fine.