How to Get Twitter Traffic by the Hundreds per Day to your Business

If you have been looking to get Twitter traffic back to your business but have been questioning your lack of knowledge, then look no further than these top strategies. Twitter is certainly not the only way to gain massive targeted traffic back to your business. But if you use Twitter effectively, you can explode your traffic numbers almost over night.

Top celebrities gain thousands of followers by posting regular interesting tweets about their personal day to day thoughts and feelings. This has only added to the popularity of Twitter has a whole and is used to massively expose ourselves on both personal and business levels.

It is in the top 10 most visited website on the Internet and is almost certainly going to stay in that position for some time to come. So, how can you take advantage of this tycoon of traffic that is storming around Twitter on a daily basis? Today, we are going to discuss these traffic strategies in a step by step, easy to understand manner:

Step #1: Stand Out From the Crowd

Designing your profile background image may seem like a trivial task. But this is how people are going to remember your business and whether they are going to take you seriously or not. Get a designer on to design something interesting and unique for your business. Tie this in with a short and to the point bio along with an easy to distinguish username.

Step #2: Give Quality Information

This may sound a little obvious but using Twitter as a way to easily pass on quality information is vital to your traffic strategies. Yes, you can add some humour to show you are a human being and not some software bot. But always focus on delivering quality first and people will begin to pass your information onto their followers.

Step #3: Constantly Build your Follower base

Aim to follow around 100 people a day and keep this within your area of expertise. Of course, you can follow people who may be slightly out of your business area of interest, but always look to follow in similar circles to your business. Look at other business owners within your niche area who have massive numbers of followers and follow their followers. This helps you to pre-target people who have already shown interest in what your business has to offer.

Step #4: Pass on Useful Information

When you see a tweet you really like, pass this onto your followers. They will like you for this and will begin to notice you are a giver of outstanding quality. Also, the person who you re-tweeted for will more than likely return the favour and pass your information onto their followers. This is how your Tweets can go viral and suddenly you will begin to see a massive influx of traffic flooding back to your business.

Step #5: Build an Army of Subscribers

If you already have an opt-in page to collect a visitors name and email address from your website, use Twitter to funnel this traffic back your opt-in pages directly. Once you have collected a visitor’s information and have them on your database, you can then build up relationships with them by emailing quality information to them on a consistent basis. Once you have built up a Twitter follower base well into the thousands, you will begin to see your subscriber rates soar to new heights.

More followers equal more reach and this in turn means more possible subscribers added to your business funnel. Using Twitter can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it, so set up a free account right away and start funnelling traffic back to your business today.