How to Easily Generate a TON of Unlimited FREE Laser Targeted Traffic to Your Offers FAST


How to Easily Generate a TON of Unlimited FREE Laser Targeted Traffic to Your Offers FAST

Today I thought it would be really useful to share with you something that I’ve been using for many months now that adds TONS of FRESH, super targeted leads to my business every single week without fail.

go-baby-go-180By now YOU should know that without consistent targeted traffic being sent to your sales funnels, your blog, squeeze pages etc etc…

…Your business will either come to a complete STOP!


It will never even get off the ground.


But on a different level.

Because this is 100% FREE.

And it allows you to build your lists in almost any niche once to get to grips with it.

Now most of you will already know that I am a massive fan of PAID TRAFFIC because it allows you to quickly see whether your sales funnel is converting or you need to tweak it in order to see better results.

You can do this even quicker by testing different variations against each other until you find a winner and then it’s just a case of scaling up & increasing the amount of paid traffic (SOLO ADS for example) & seeing the numbers on your list EXPLODE, buyers are being added to your lists & now you are in a great position because you know that you can now afford to PAY for traffic & still end up seeing massive profits at the back end of your online business.

But what about those who are looking for ways that allow them to get their foot in door (so to speak) without having to spend TOO MUCH on paid advertising and getting BURNED before they’ve even started?

Well I believe that once you’ve gotten your first sales funnel set up (whether it be an affiliate one, your own or even where you sell your solo ads) you can start using this following FREE but super powerful traffic set up in conjunction with your paid advertising budget & grow your online business (in any niche with this tactic) TEN TIMES FASTER!

In simpler terms: MORE TRAFFIC = MORE MONEY!

So enough of me ranting on, let’s get down to business…

…First of all I want to explain how this simple traffic method can be used in lots of different ways & for lots of different online business models, niches etc:

  • This traffic method can be used in any NICHE of your choosing
  • It generates SUPER LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC to your online biz GUARANTEED
  • No need to rely on BORING SEO tactics
  • Can be used to build your email lists even FASTER
  • Can be used to make MASSIVE affiliate sales
  • Traffic can be directed back to your BLOG/WEBSITES of your choice
  • You can easily outsource this task to someone else & allow them to send you waves of traffic every single day
  • PLUS this method is so versatile, you can pretty much use it for your own ideas, sales funnels etc etc. The possibilities are endless as long as YOU take advantage & run with it

Step # 1

Head on over to Google Alerts:


If you already own a Gmail account you will be able to log in immediately but if not you will need to create a Google account so that you can use the FREE alert system.

Step # 2

Now you need to enter all the PRIME  keywords & phrases that are super targeted to your niche so that whenever you receive an alert, you can quickly SCOOP UP all those leads & pour them into your online business.


Enter in your own keywords & set everything else exactly as I’ve shown in the image above. As you can see I own a gmail account email address already. YOU don’t have to you can use your any email address it is just a lot easier when you are using multiple Google tools & it allows you to easily log into them using that one single gmail account address.

Step # 3

You will then see the alert set up in your account & all you need to do then is click the link as shown in the image to start seeing the results from other blogs/forums etc.


Step # 4

Now all you will want to do is simply repeat this process as many times as possible until you are satisfied that you have enough keywords that you can target.

Step #5

Depending on the size of your chosen niche you should start seeing results hitting your email account almost immediately.

You can now head on over to the blogs/forums and start adding comments to the posts/threads etc and start leaving a link with your comments that links back to your blog, squeeze page or any other page where you can entice others to join your email list(s) in exchange for a FREE gift.


Always remember to leave quality comments that add to the information on that particular blog/forum post because I can tell you that 99% of blog owners especially manually check their blogs for any half arsed comments before approving them.

This is the same for forums & 9 times out of 10 most forum members won’t even bother clicking your link anyway if it is only intended to spam the forum anyway.

Now I don’t mean you have to write a 10 page report either. Just make sure what you are adding is going to make it through so that you can drive huge amounts of FRESH, SUPER TARGETED TRAFFIC back to your sites. Look at other successful comments if you have to & get some ideas from them on how to structure your comments.

Bonus Tips

Bonus Tip #1

Look out for as many forum posts as you can. The reason I say this is that forums (if they are based around a HUGE niche) usually have 100’s of 1000’s visitors flooding into them every single day.

You’ll soon see how popular they are the more you visit them but just imagine if you only did one comment a day. This could add up to thousands of extra super targeted leads being added to your sales funnels, blogs, squeeze pages, affiliate review sites or wherever you decide to send them.

Bonus Tip #2

To ensure you get the most targeted results ensure you use “quotes” in your keyword search terms when using Google alerts. You don’t want to be receiving all kinds of results & end up wasting hours on posting comments at blogs/forums that aren’t laser targeted & of no use to you & your online business.

Using quotes just tells Google that you are only interested in seeing results that are specifically targeted to the keyword you typed in.

Bonus Tip #3

I can tell you now that I have been using this method successfully in combination of using paid traffic in order to BOOST my sales, grow my online business & build my email lists so that I know I am getting the most out of my time & money invested into my online ventures.

There is no need for you to run around chasing your tail trying to find blogs/forums so that you can try & funnel some of their traffic back to your online business.

Google is going to hand all of this FREE, SUPER FRESH & LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC on a silver platter to you. Don’t over complicate things & just simply focus on adding one or a handful of comments every day that are of quality (of course) so you can start building a successful online business that only helps people who are looking to buy information from YOU because you already know that they are laser targeted.

Make sure that you are one of the first to post a comment because depending on the amount of traffic that the blog/forum receives; you could be seeing leads flowing into your online business for weeks or months down the line from just one single comment. That is the FREE traffic AUTO-PILOT method!

So there you have it my friends, hope you take advantage of this method because it has worked for me like a charm & I am sure it will work just as well for you if you follow the simple steps that I have laid out for you today.

Remember that you can leave any feedback or comments by adding them in the main comments box below.

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