How To Create A Super Profitable Online Sales Funnel Quick & Easily

Being able to create profitable sales funnels online allows you to target the traffic you desire and ultimately allows you to know how profitable you will be at the end of your campaign.

You can simply collect e-mail addresses by mainly using paid advertising that is targeted towards your offer and ultimately allows you to be able to recoup some of your initial investment and also make profits at the back end of your online sales funnels.

These following steps have been laid out for you to copy how a successful sales funnel should look:

Step #1: Directing Traffic To A Squeeze Page – the first part of your sales funnel should always have a one-page website that allows you to offer a highly perceived piece of information that is free. This could be in the form of a report or a video and once someone likes what they see; all they have to do is give you their e-mail address in order to access their free information. Once you have captured their e-mail address you can then follow up with them by promoting products that are related to the free offer via your auto responder.

Step #2: Creating Your OTO – A one-time-offer is presented to your new subscriber as soon as they have opted into your e-mail list to receive their free gift from step one. Simply put, you are presenting them with a high value product that has been priced at an extremely low price. Usually the one-time offers are priced at $5-$10 as these low figures usually convert better to a new subscriber as they haven’t had the chance to get to know you as a marketer.

Step #3: The Up-sell – If someone has purchased your one-time offer; then you have the chance to sell a higher-priced product to them as an up-sell. Usually they are priced at around $27 and this is a good idea to even bundle up many products and price them at $27 so your subscribers know they are getting a great deal. Also you now have the opportunity to place these buyers onto a separate “buyers” lists within your auto responder.

Step #4: The Down-sell – If a visitor does not by your up-sell after the OTO; you can aim to sell them the same product but at a lower price than step #3.

Step #5: Correct Way To Using Thank You Pages – You can massively use your thank you pages and download pages as a way to promote complimentary affiliate products and even your own products to add to that very thought. Once visitors are navigated to the page where the FREE gift is placed, you can list the remaining products below as clickable links. If you have given a video away as your free gift, you can even offer the complete course to them directly at the thank you or download pages.

These steps allow you build your list, add pictures of yourself to the thank you pages so that people get to know your name and face for branding, allow you to subtly promote your affiliate products and even your own products and services and also builds up instant trust and relationship with your new found subscribers.