How To Become An Overnight Success In Internet Marketing Using This Simple Success Formula

Smart-Idea-150x150Okay its time to take your online business to the NEXT LEVEL!

You see branding, traffic, leads & making sales are the 4 cornerstones you must be focusing all of your time on if you want to join the ranks of every successful online business on the planet.

If we are honest, getting targeted traffic and being able to stand out in your chosen niche can be a difficult everyday challenge for you and your business.

Most of us are so focused on running our business we forget to put in the time into our marketing which of course is what pulls in future leads, targeted traffic and sales.

Within this module we are going to show you how to create a simple and easy to create video marketing campaign that can take less than a day to begin implementing.

This campaign will enable you to launch your products and your business online and will give you the much deserved EXPOSURE in the marketplace that you may have been lacking and will provide the traffic that will enter your online business sales funnel on a continuous basis.

We are even going to show you how to set up your first sales funnel if you haven’t already done so or if you feel that your funnel may need a few tweaks applying to it here and there.

We’ll show you how to:

1. How to spread your message far and wide all over the internet about your business, products & services.

2. How to instantly establish trust, authority & credibility with your potential leads & customers.

3. Expose your unique qualities and how to stand out from your competitors in the marketplace.

4. How to make your products instantly desirable to your leads and customers so that they can’t wait to buy them from you.

5. How to eliminate or decrease your NEED to over sell to your leads and potential customers.

You are going to learn how to create information that people are actually searching for online, how to turn cold prospects into hot interested prospects, and of course how to turn those hot prospects into paying customers.

Let’s face it that is the real goal of marketing online anyway isn’t it?

Getting targeted leads into your sales funnel that are then educated by you and then end up becoming customers of yours are by far the BEST kind of customers you can draw into your business.

They buy from you because…


Once you see how simple but powerful this formula really is, you’ll want to get into creating your first campaign right away because of the excitement and clarity it gives to you.

Getting Started

All you’re going to require is a computer and a camera like a web-cam, flip recorder, a high quality mobile phone that records great videos or a camcorder.

The reason I suggest recording yourself on video is because it’s by far the best way to create trust, credibility and likeability between you and your leads and future customers.

 module19-shot1  shot2

Of course if you don’t yet have a camera you can always feel free to use screen recording software that will record your voice and your computer screen so that you can do a slideshow presentation of what you want to demonstrate as training material.

You’ll want to add a photo of yourself to one of the slides either at the beginning or the end so that people get to know you by at least seeing your face on their screens.

If you are using a PC you can use “Camtasia Studio” to record your videos from your computer screen. You can use “Powerpoint” to create your slideshow presentations.

If you are a MAC user then you’ll be able to use “Screenflow” to record your computer screen and of course “Keynote” to create your slides.





The EXACT Formula Step By Step

1. First off you’ll want to write down the “TOP 10 most frequently asked questions” regarding your product or service. (Time required 15, 20 or 30 minutes)

2. Now you need to think about and write down the “TOP 10 questions” one of your potential customers SHOULD ask about your product or service before buying from you. By answering these questions you’ll be able to stand out from your competitors and also extract your own skills, knowledge and experiences you’ve developed over your business career. (Time required 15, 20 or 30 minutes)

3. Now you can “RECORD 20 short videos” that ask and then answer every question you wrote in steps 1 & 2. Each of your Q&A videos should be short and to the point and around 30 seconds to 2 minutes will be a good fit for each video. (Time required 30 – 120 minutes)

4. Now record 4 short and to the point “Micro” videos. (Time required 30 – 45 minutes)


VIDEO #1 – This will be a “CALL TO ACTION” short video or a “TO GET MORE INFO GO HERE” type of video. At the end of each of your 20 videos you’ll want to tell your visitors where to go so they can grab all 20 videos you’ve created.

This first of the 4 videos will allow others to “Get More Videos” & be able to “SEE Your URL” so that they can click on that link and visit your video lead capture page or squeeze page and join your list and get their free gift from you.

VIDEO #2 – Here’s where you create the “Please Enter Your Email Here To Get All 20 Videos From Me” and this video will be added to your video lead capture page. This video gives you a chance to explain why they should sign up to your list.

VIDEO #3 – This video will be a “Thank You For Signing Up To My List” video and will be added to your “Thank You” page as soon as someone opts into your email list.

VIDEO #4 – This is your “MONEY” video or “Now You Can Buy My Product Or Service” video. You’ll add this video to your blog, sales pages or wherever you can ask your new leads and prospects to buy from you. You’ll then link to this page within the emails YOU send out to your new leads and prospects after they have signed up to your email list.

5. Now you need to create a “Video based lead capture page” or squeeze page with a video on it and this is the page that you send your visitors to after they have watched your videos.

You can use OptimizePress 2.0 or “Lead Rocket Pro” to create stunning video based lead capture pages in seconds and is all point & click easy stuff.

6. Now you need to “Distribute Your Videos” around the web far and wide to as many video sharing sites, blogs, pod-cast directories and social media sites as you can.

Once you’ve done this you can then “Tag” each of them in as many “Social Bookmarking Sites” as you can too. This will give you MAXIMUM EXPOSURE around the web for every single video you’ve created and will begin to drive a ton of traffic back to your business.

7. Once you’ve submitted everything as mentioned above the search engines will go to work for you and index your videos creating back links and an avalanche of traffic back to your video based squeeze page.

8. If you are consistent with this you could easily begin to totally dominate for your chosen keywords that your videos are linked to and start seeing lots of targeted traffic and leads enter your funnel.

Keep in mind that these videos are automatically sending your visitors to your video lead capture page to receive your 20 part video series. You are now building your email list and growing your business and making sales all on complete autopilot.

What Will This Simple System Do For You?

  • It will create massive exposure for you and your business.


  • 20 videos x 50 sites = 1,000 outbound messages for your business.


  • Massive exposure in social media, social bookmarking sites, search engines, video sharing sites blog & pod-cast directories.


  • You’ll be building a MASSIVE email list.


  • You’ll be establishing yourself as the “GO TO” expert and gain massive credibility in the marketplace and you’ll naturally be educating your leads and turning them into paying customers.


  • Also as soon as someone signs up to your email list, they’ll automatically receive an email everyday for 20 days with a link to each one of your 20 videos for 20 days solid.

Each Email You Send Should:

  • Describe each video your leads are about to watch
  • Give away some sort of sneak peak of what they’ll learn from you
  • Always include a stand out PM message that points straight to your sales page, blog page or whatever page that says “You Can Buy My Products & Services Here”

This is by far the best way to connect with your audience as you now have 20 points of contact for them become a friend, to trust you as their coach, build credibility and of course become paying customers too.

Okay you now have a formula you can use to drive huge amounts of hungry paying leads and future customers into your online business.

All that’s left for you to do now is to go out and work this formula HARD until you get results.


Let’s Recap – Your To Do Task List…

1. Grab a camera or get access to something that allows you to record your computer screen to create your video tutorials.

2. Write down TOP 10 questions asked about your product or service.

3. Write down Top 10 questions someone should ask about BUYING your product or service.

4. Record your 20 videos around these questions you’ve written down in a Q&A fashion.

5. Record the 4 videos that are short and get a visitor to take action at various areas of your business.

6. Create your video lead capture page.

7. Distribute your videos to all the sites mentioned in the module.

8. Create 20 emails that point to each 20 of your videos and leave a PM message in each that also point directly to your PAID offer.