How To Attract More Customers And Keep Them

Without your customers, your business will mean nothing. Without your customers, your business has no purpose and drive. Your customers are the very lifeblood of your business, and without them to sustain your business, your business will start to fall and ultimately fail.


Now do you see just how customers are for any business (Regardless if it’s online or otherwise)?

We should pay more importance to our customers than other marketers do. Internet marketing has changed and businesses which prioritize their customers’ wants and needs instead of obsessing about their earnings are instead doing much better than their money-minded peers.


It’s all about serving the customers now, and by serving them, we are serving ourselves and our business, the better way.


Here are a couple of factors which can help you pull in more potential prospects and converting them into loyal customers while retaining the current ones.



Don’t Be A Jack Of All Trades (On One Website)


This mistake has been seen with too many Internet marketers too many times. What happens is that they start including other contents of different niches on their website. Maybe it is an effort to kill two birds with one stone, or maybe they want to be “efficient” or maybe they want to show off how skillful they are in other areas as well, or maybe it is just an effort to gain recognition.


Either way, there is a time and place for everything.


How weird would it be to be talking about golf on an Internet marketing website, and also about gardening too? For whatever reason they want to achieve, one thing for sure is that the only thing they will achieve is damaging their reputation and credibility and thus making things more complicated and worse for them.


Customers look to seek out authority figures when they are interested in a certain niche. They need someone or something they can rely on and put their trust on. They need assurance that they are simply not wasting their time and attention on something that’s not worth so.


Being an authority figure builds relationships, reputation, credibility and ultimately trust with your customers. And trust is a hard thing to come by on the Internet therefore it is extremely valuable.


Bottom line is if it’s not related at all to your niche, then it’s no use. Plus, an Internet marketing website will find it hard to rank well for Internet marketing search terms if there is golf content thrown into the mix. And not to mention it’s going to be harder to pull in your main targeted traffic.

Even if you had a stream of visitors, people are eventually going to stop visiting because the website is not specialized enough. It obviously isn’t taking itself seriously and people will stop viewing you as an authority figure.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly alright for you to be an avid golfer while at the same time very knowledgeable in internet marketing. However, if your main website is about Internet marketing, and that is how people come to know you, as an internet marketing figure, then golf content has no place on that Internet marketing site of yours.


But of course you can delve into a golf niche separately.


Create another website about a golf niche and cater to your golf-loving target audience from there. Never mix and mash multiple niches into one website.


This also applies not only to content, but products and services as well. You can offer multiple services or products on a single website, ONLY if it’s related to the website’s niche and it can provide value for the website’s target audience.



Transparency In Business And Brand


Marketing has changed over time or you could say that it has evolved. Now, transparency in businesses is better appreciated than ever. Gone are the days where people used to hide behind their brand or business or logo to conduct their business.


Like mentioned earlier, trust is a hard commodity to come by on the Internet. Therefore to convey trust, businesses are getting more transparent than ever.


Actually, this was how marketing was done. Imagine your local market during the old days. Where there was no Internet, phone lines or even the conventional snail mails. People approach and met each other on a more personal basis/level. Relationships were formed and they know the person behind the business and not the other way around.


Many people have used the Internet as their veil to hide behind and conduct their business. Now it is shown that transparency on the Internet when conducting business or brand works, and it works very well.


When you can relate with the person behind the business, brand, product or logo, suddenly it becomes more approachable and less intimidating. So build an online presence that is more personal, show what really is behind that brand or business which another person who is willing and ready to serve their customers. And that is what customers really want.




At the end, it’s all about having a personality. Recognize your audiences as more than money-making machines for your business. Have to go past that and start seeing these people as… real people. Learn to appreciate them, and you will want to help them, and they will in turn appreciate you, trust you and you will have a much more valuable and loyal customers on your hands.