How One Simple Change In Focus Allows You To Earn Serious Money Online

focus-200“Well yeah, tell me something I don’t know”!

I can here those words being echoed in my brain right now and my ears are burning because you are probably saying that I sound like a scratched record or something similar to those comments anyway.

Why am I writing this today?

Well because it seems that no matter how often other marketers or indeed myself try to encourage new subscribers and even well seasoned marketers to add this into their sales funnel(s) it either gets ignored completely or most of you start to work on it, then get “SUCKED IN” by the latest trend that is going on and give up on the idea and then say…

…”Oh I tried this once and it didn’t work for me”.




And for those of you who are new to this I.M. thing & want to know how to get focused on something that can easily be done (with a simple shift in your mindset & focus) when you know your numbers and the possibilities of how quickly things can get rolling once YOU actually get your arse into gear…

…This is something that works and will continue to work for as long as you want it to. As long as you follow the simple sales funnel plan I am about to reveal.



Yeah I have to admit, seeing those sales come in from my front end $7 and upwards offers and even the affiliate commissions; gives me a great BUZZ every time I see  them hit my account.


…If that is all I had to rely on every month in order to see enough income for me, my family and all the other things I love in my life…

…Then I would have to work EVERY HOUR that life sends, EVERY SINGLE DAY for me to be able to just manage to pay the bills.

Allow me to explain:

YOU have the POWER to decide how much you make from your online business every single month!


Well because it’s YOUR BUSINESS.


I have to admit it myself; I have been persuaded in the past to not ask for someone to pay me every month for a subscription based membership because I was ‘SUCKED IN’ by what every other marketer was doing and decided to PLAY IT SAFE…

…& just ask for a single payment for something that was quite clearly enough to be charging a monthly fee for.

So now that we have covered why YOU need to seriously start thinking about setting up your own recurring payment continuity site(s) let’s further HAMMER THIS HOME by looking at some simple numbers to further wet your appetite:

Let’s say that you would really love to be earning $5,000 every month from your online business.


If you wanted to get into coaching (as another simple idea) you would only need 10 clients a month if you were charging them $1,000 a month for every client.

(of course if the coaching runs for a few months at least then you wouldn’t need to do anything else until all those clients have gone through the program from start to finish).

Or if you like the idea of setting up a continuity site and you charged a monthly fee of let’s say $17 then you would only need to find 300 members in order for you to realize that dream income every single month.

Remember you can test to see what price points work best once you have tracked every single click.

That means you could even charge your members $27 a month at your continuity site and only need between 180 – 190 members to see those figures.

Seeing your marketing time/money investment halved because it won’t take nearly as long to see those figures compared to charging $17 a month.

Of course you need to test as I mentioned before but everything becomes a whole lot easier when you know that a nice 4 or even 5 figure sum is going to be hitting your bank account every single month without you needing to do any extra work.


This isn’t even including sales from your list(s) from affiliate emails you’ll be sending, promotions from your own offers and any other sales that you can add to your business once you get your continuity/coaching programs off the ground.

Let’s compare this to a ‘SINGLE PRICED’ product you sold for $7.

You would feel the burn from this every month as you would need to shift around a WHOPPING 715 of these every single month to see the $5,000 a month figure.

Just think of the amount of work you would need to put in to shift that many every day, week, month!

A very simple system would be to set up something like this:

  • Give away part of your $7 course for FREE to build your list
  • Offer them an UPGRADE to that $7 product as soon as they opt-in
  • If they buy that $7 product, offer a full subscription $17, $27, $47 or even $97 up-sell to your monthly “FULL BLOWN” no holds bars training package that gives them everything they could ever need.
  • Or of course you could even offer the coaching program as mentioned before at the back end of your sales funnel after offering the monthly membership program.

This gives you enough focus so that you can on with testing, tweaking until profitable and allows you to steer clear of all the professional ‘HYPE’ that comes with the Internet Marketing bandwagon.

I personally think that a lot of people (especially newcomers) to Internet Marketing think that they have to be around for months or even years before they can start asking people to pay them for a product or service.

Okay as long as your product/service does provide a good service and is not complete CRAP; you can literally be up and running in the next few weeks with what I’ve just shown you…

…Providing you have the willingness to pursue YOUR FINANCIAL DREAMS and not go running off to the JOB FAIRY every time you have a set back.

So if you think that this I.M. thing isn’t for you because you’ve set up your first affiliate promotion by placing a few ads on a ‘Thank You’ page and are not seeing massive amounts of cash roll into your account; then ask yourself this:

“Is what I’m offering RIGHT NOW going to make me the kind of income(s) I want to be making every single month”?

That’s all for today everyone!

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

And as usual GOOD QUALITY & HELPFUL COMMENTS/QUESTIONS are always welcome below…