How Blogging Can Go From Zero To Big Profits In A Short Space Of Time

Are you spending your days waking up to an alarm clock that you totally hate? If you are spending 5 days a week working for a boss that doesn’t even know your name; yet you working at least 40 hours a week for him or her for very little recognition and with no real future prospects in sight. Then why not spend just a few hours a week building your own online business blog.

You don’t need to be any kind of technical genius and can set everything up with very little investment required on your behalf. Blogging can be a fantastic way to advertise your online business and brand yourself as an expert within your niche market. By just spending a few minutes a day updating your blog with fresh and exciting content; you can begin to build an online business that allows you to begin to look at firing your boss and start living the life you’ve always desired.

It’s okay for people to say that you must work for another company until you are 65 or even 70 years old and still wonder whether your pension can still provide financial security for your day to day needs. If you are wondering whether you can ever break free from the mass beliefs that you don’t really agree with or understand; then spending your time wisely and building a part time business using blogging could be the answer to your prayers.

Here are some quick and simple tips for you to consider when starting up your own profitable online business blog:

Blogging Tip #1: Choose a niche that always demands information and are willing to pay for it all year round and no matter what state the economy is in.

Blogging Tip #2: Buy a cheap hosting package at Host Gator and use C-panel to set up a simple wordpress blog. Choose a domain name; preferably one that includes your own name for branding.

Blogging Tip #3: Build your brand and exposure by adding extremely powerful content at your blog that attracts visitors on a consistent basis.

Blogging Tip #4: Leave a call-to-action underneath  your posts by asking people to comment via FaceBook by adding a F/B comments plug-in to your WordPress blog. This allows others to spread your content around the web and you gain massive exposure for doing no extra work at all.

Blogging Tip #5: Build a list of subscribers by adding as many chances as possible for people to be able to join your email list. Add an opt-in form, add click-able images that link to your squeeze pages and add as many call-to-actions as you can within your content that allows you grow your list from within your blog.

Blogging Tip #6: Encourage your new subscribers to keep coming back to your blog. You can send training tips and strategies via email once someone has joined your list that point back to your blog and build strong relationships with them.

Blogging Tip #7: Place affiliate links and banners within your blog that allow you monetise your traffic and make huge profits from it. Once you have the traffic, you can grow your list to huge numbers and make profits that way and also use your blog as an extra instant revenue stream by placing ads onto them.