Great Ideas For Building A Web Presence

So you got a brand new shiny website, you’ve got great content on it and everything is just perfect. Ever wondered what’s next? Well, it’s time you ventured into the World-Wide-Web to build your web presence and start pulling in traffic.


Not just any kind of traffic, but targeted traffic. This means, traffic that is genuinely interested in what you have to say (or sell). You have to tell people that you exist, and that you have a great site that has great content that’s worth coming back time and time again.


Too many time Internet marketers just slump down on their lazy end and wait for their trickle of traffic to spike up once they are done with their website. Sure, great content can and will attract an audience but if you are satisfied with just a small volume then all is well, but if you want some serious volume for your brand new business, then you have to be pro-active.  You have to roll up your sleeves and start building your web presence through good “old-fashioned” hard work.




Forums are a great way to start building your reputation and credibility as well as your business’. One reason is that forums are usually specific-themed Meaning that, there are always forums for cars, there are forums for gardening, there are forums sports, so on and so forth.


The good news is that there are most likely to be forums which are related to your niche. And what that means is that, that’s where your target audience is hanging out, and that is one of many sources which you should draw traffic to your site from.


So how do you use the forums?

You have to engage in the conversations that are already going on in there while making you known and stand out, in a positive way of course. Actively participate in conversations and topics; constantly offer valuable information, insight or solutions.


Forums are full of people who are in a specific niche and are actively looking for answers or suggestions to something. If you can constantly be that guy who seems to have all the right answers, you can certainly build a quick a respectable reputation and will be seen as someone who really knows his stuff and people will certainly listen when you have something to say.


It’s important to keep in mind that you should not blatantly promote your website without first establishing yourself as someone who genuinely wants to help and contribute to the forum. And of course, you should never simply spam links leading back to your website in forum posts. Doing so will be seen as spammy and you will be removed from the forum, suspended or worse… banned.


If you want to leave a link, your forum profile and signature is a great place to do so. Do remember to also fill out the areas which allow you to describe yourself and your business. If you are interesting enough or grown famous in the forum, people will naturally be curious about you and they want to know more about you, they will click on your forum profile and most probably follow the back-link that you have left there that leads to your website.


One way to look for great forums in addition to having a related niche to yours is to check out their activity level as well as the number of members that they have. No point registering for a forum that has tons of people but the last read post was 6 months ago and no point having recently viewed and replied posts in a forum but having only 5 members in it. Try to find a good balance between members and activity level.




Having someone already respected and well-established in the same niche mentioning about you, your brand or business can do wonders for your business.


One way to piggy-back on these key player’s fame is to offer guest posting on their blogs with the condition of leaving your humble link somewhere in your posts. It is a great way to approach them, let them know you and also to let their readers get to know you as well.


If they like you enough, they might even feature your link on their main page. What this means is that   your link is permanently displayed on the website’s main page for the entire world to see giving you much valuable exposure and traffic.


However, the most important thing here is to be on these people’s radar. Do not see them merely as competition. See them as someone who can help you, or someone who can open the door of business opportunities for you either through partnerships or joint ventures with them, or more.


Don’t just be a blip on their radar, be something that they couldn’t help but pay attention to, in a good way. One way is through social media sites like Face-book or Twitter. Find their profiles on these sites and find ways to connect to them.


Tag their Face-book page, Re-tweet their tweets on Twitter, have an external link from contents on your site that links to theirs, so that they can pick up your links through track-backs and know where it is coming from, and also leave genuine comments on their blogs.


When you approach them, do not be self-promotional, especially on your first encounter. You want to be building bridges first even though you are not directly touching on the subject of business but what you are doing is actually beneficial for it down the line.




There are tons of other social networking sites on the Internet. Of course, the famous ones are Face-book and Twitter and not to mention Google+ (Plus) but there are others out there which are old and new alike. Just because they can’t rival the aforementioned social network giants doesn’t mean that they don’t have a big following as well.


Sites like “Pinterest” are fast gaining popularity and traffic. It is even said the rate that they are getting visitors are more than Google Plus itself and that’s definitely an achievement.


Point is, there are many social networking sites out there, and you should join these less saturated platform and not to mention be always on the constant lookout for new and trending ones. Since search engines really give attention to these social sites, therefore having your name, brand or business mentioned in as many social networking sites as possible will definitely work in your favor.


Having a brand new and great website with equally great content website is just not enough to be pulling in traffic. Things will eventually pick up momentum, but you have the power to make things go little faster. And you can make it happen with the ways discussed above.

At the end of the day, not only are you generating traffic to your website, you are also connecting and building relationships with your future customers and potential prospects. This is the best way to build your business’ credibility, reputation and presence.