The 30 Day Email CASH Kit – Click Here

A GREAT package for all List Builders in the Internet Marketing/Make Money Online niche.

You see, No matter how good the affiliate product is or your own product is…..if you don’t have an email campaign that MAKES people want to click and learn more…

…You’ll be taking one step forward and 2 steps back. So……how would it feel if you had a pre-written email campaign that can be easily edited and does all this for you.

These 30+ email campaigns are MY BEST performing emails and are PROVEN to turn almost any prospect into RAVING mad BUYERS!

I’m handing you (on a silver platter) over 30+ COPY, PASTE & SEND emails. These are the EXACT same email campaigns I’ve used to turn even the COLDEST of lists into HOT paying REPEAT BUYER lists!

Almost overnight too!!!

PLUS………I’m even giving you my SUPER ADVANCED video BONUS training’s that show myself writing out a KNOCK OUT cash cranking email campaign from SCRATCH! Plus there’s a TON of cool BONUSES on offer too.

Check it out below:

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THE ‘Solo Ad REHAB Clinic’ – BANK BIG using Solo Ads! – Click Here

The Solo Ad REHAB Clinic is my FULL BLOWN PDF training guide that shows others how to make SERIOUS CASH and more sales from the Solo Ads that they buy to build their lists online.

One of the BIGGEST PROBLEMS that people face with Solo Ads is not being able to make their money back from them.

The Solo Ad Rehab Clinic guides you through the EXACT steps and strategies to making Solo Ads bring in REAL profits FAST so you can build massive and profitable email lists in the least time possible.

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THE ‘Secret Cash CODE Escalator’ – $100+ Per Day Blueprint – Click Here

My proven EXACT step by step blueprint that shows newcomers & those who are struggling online to go from NOTHING to start seeing consistent $100+ days online and way beyond in the FASTEST time possible.

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Easy Passive Income Blueprint – Click Here

Easy Passive Income Blueprint EXPLAINED!

The Easy Passive Income Blueprint SHOWS you my EXACT  blueprint for creating recurring paying PASSIVE INCOME membership sites that crank out EASY $17, $27, $47 & $97 payments everyday like clockwork!

With this training we’re literally going down the “Rabbit Hole” so you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it so you can replicate the results that I’ve been seeing through these passive income money generating systems.

So if you want to join the ranks of seeing $700 – $1,500 AUTOMATED PAYMENTS hit your bank account every single month then grab a copy of this action packed ZERO FLUFF 100% actionable passive income training today!

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Ultimate Sales Funnel Formula – Click Here

All those questions I’ve received via email, Skype or via my support tickets regarding how do you set up your sales funnels correctly so that they run like…

…PROFIT PULLING ENGINES have now been answered.

These sales funnels do most of the HARD work for me and my business and virtually run themselves.

(And pay for themselves too).

In terms of PAID traffic anyway. That is where YOU WANT to be in your business. Make the 20/80 RULE work in your favor.

I’m going to WALK you through it all STEP by STEP too.

If you’ve been struggling like crazy to get your sales funnels to work for you then…

…Click the link below to get started:

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Get 7 Of My HOTTEST Previous WSO Products For ONE CRAZY Low Price! – Click Here

Yes that’s right, I’ve finally gone COMPLETELY INSANE and it’s YOUR chance to take FULL ADVANTAGE of that fact right here today.

And I really do mean – FULL ADVANTAGE to YOU.

There really is something for everyone on offer here today. A Full Range of I.M./M.M.O. products like – “List Building”, “Email Marketing Training”, “Traffic Courses”, “Premium Memberships” and much more!

Grab 7 products for the price of one below that are valued at well over $680 when sold separately in the open marketplace.

You’re getting FULL and complete LIFETIME access to all of these TOP notch money making products for a one off crazy low price today.

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WSO Momentum Profit Launcher – Click Here

WSO Profit Launcher is a step by step, in depth video and PDF training series that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to create and launch profitable and successful WSO products online.

Creating and launching your own products online can be a daunting task for many, but once you know what it takes and have launched your first WSO, you’ll instantly be ahead of 95% of those out there who are still sat on the sidelines hoping to make their fortunes online.

Owning your own products you can sell online allows you to:

1) Become the GO TO expert within your niche

2) Build HUGE BUYERS email lists

3) Offer high ticket coaching programs in your sales funnels by showing others how to do what you do to make money online with your skill set

4) Attract 100’s of affiliates who will promote your products for you and allow you to make sales on complete autopilot.

5) Add a ton of repeat paying members into
your membership sites.
6) Leverage your products to create mega money
deals with other marketers.
And so much more!

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One On One Coaching Packages – Click Here

Why choose a one on one coaching package with anyone let alone myself? Well here’s my stand on this. I can honestly say that from personal experience that whenever I’ve purchased some form of coaching that was at either group coaching or one on one level, I’ve always come away with a CLEAR, INCISE, FOCUSED picture or plan of what I NEEDED to do in order to achieve what I always wanted to achieve at the beginning of my online venture.

You see not everyone needs one on one coaching. For some, they may just need a 1 HOUR session that gives them that HA HA MOMENT! That one thing that freed them from being stuck, confused & frustrated to being absolutely clear on what they needed to do to get life changing results.

That is why I’ve created a wide range of coaching or home study courses that come with personal help from me too so you get a better insight of what, why & where you need to take your business so you can reach the next level.

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Blog Cash Secrets – Click Here

This FULL blown step by step traffic course shows you how to generate 100, 200 & even up to 500 targeted visitors per day back to your blog, website or any other part of your online business web pages.

Not only that, after you’ve gone through this course, you’ll know how EXACTLY how to turn this consistent flow of traffic into leads and then profits for your online business.

These are real life skills that you’ll own for a life time as the traffic methods I teach are “Evergreen” and you’ll own skills that will allow you to rent out ad space on your blog, build and flip websites FAST for a tidy profit or you could even build your own “HIGH AUTHORITY” traffic blog that builds your email list, builds you a buyers list and you could even offer HIGH TICKET priced coaching programs via your blog too.

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Email Cash Supremacy – Click Here

Ever wanted to make money online using the power of email marketing? Email Cash Supremacy will show you how. Whether you are new to email marketing looking to set up your first campaign so that you start making money on complete autopilot or you’re an experienced email marketer looking to improve your results. By the end of this training, you’ll know EXACTLY how to maximize your PROFITS from all your email marketing campaigns the EASY WAY.

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Knockout Profits Solo Ads – The ‘CASE STUDY’ – Click Here

Knockout Profits Solo Ads is real life case study where I share all my TOP SECRET most profitable Solo Ads that sent me the the MOST sales during the past few weeks.

Within this case study you’ll get to peek behind the curtain and literally STEAL my best Solo Ad sellers list and use them to make money for your own offers right off the bat.

If you’re currently building an email list or you are seriously looking at doing so then you are definitely going to want to own some proven traffic sources that can allow you to send PROVEN BUYERS  to your offers so that you can build your BUYERS email list and of course make some fast sales at the same time.

All is revealed in this case study as I give you the amount of clicks we received, sales made, profits made, the amount of buyers added into our sales funnel, how many subscribers that were added into our business, conversion rates and much more added into the mix too. So if you’re looking to make some fast sales online you can literally use our top 10 (and more) Solo Ad sellers list today, pick out a high converting affiliate offer that you like and make a ton of sales by the end of today and start building your email list at the same time.

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Fast Track Profits Formula ‘Modules’ – Click Here

Need a complete A-Z, step by step, easy as 123, ABC blueprint that takes you by the hand and actually SHOWS YOU what to do to make money online? Well your in luck! You’ve now found that system. Comes with FULL email support 4 days a week also. It’s the CLOSEST THING to one on one coaching you’ll see online but without the HUGE price tag of course.

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Ready Made Emails Service – Click Here

Are you currently building a list but don’t have a clue what emails to send? Building trust, credibility and likeability is vital to your list building success and this is what will make you MORE SALES in the process. But Don’t worry! We’ll write those K.L.T. (know, like, trust) winning emails for you. You’ll receive an email every single day that you can simply copy & paste into your A.R. and start making more money from your list. Professionally written emails for you that do all the relationship building and selling for you so you don’t have to.

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List Turbo Profits – Click Here

List Turbo Profits is a members only area that contains step by step training videos that take you by the hand & show you how to build a highly targeted email list using some of the most powerful traffic sources around today on the web. Forget Google, SEO and all that “Slap You Round the Face” stuff. We’ll show YOU exactly how to start earning whilst learning right away!

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done for you

L.T.P. – “Platinum Membership” – Click Here

Want to build your first “Cash Cranking” sales funnel but feel you don’t have the knowledge or technical skills? Don’t worry with the List Turbo Profits “Platinum Membership” you’ll get everything all in one place. Tools, over 80 training videos and ready made sales funnels YOU can use right away!

We even SHOW YOU how to set them up too!

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If you have any questions or wish to contact me you can do so at: