Five Things You’ve Probably Never Been Told About Making Money Online

Five Things You’ve Probably Never Been Told About Making Money Online

Five Things You’ve Probably Never Been Told About Making Money Online

My first REAL TASTE of making money online and getting down and dirty with Internet Marketing was WAY BACK in 2007.

I could barely afford to pay my bills at the time (even though I had a full time job – “working a dreaded grave yard shift”) so getting a MENTOR on a one to one level type of teaching was well out of the question for me.

I can remember getting SCAMMED on a $97.00 per month membership that showed you how to build your first website (WordPress Based) and how to start building your list thereafter.

But that WAS IT!

That’s all they taught……..what they did was BOMBARD you with stuff that seemed to be TOP level stuff at the time but it was no more than a distraction so to speak to keep me and all the other members………

…………..”BUSY AND BROKE”!!!

I did see some success with video marketing (YouTube) by promoting those BIG ClickBank product type launches as an affiliate that were HUGE at the time.

I basically ranked those YouTube review videos on the first pages of Google and then left an affiliate link below the video after my review and offered some BONUSES too so people would BUY through my affiliate links.

But I always knew that this wasn’t going to be enough to fulfill my Internet Marketing Dreams!

So I made sure that I kept a mindset of ‘WHEN’ I would be able to go full time online as opposed to ‘IF’ I could live the dot com lifestyle online.

This is why I’ve decided to write this post today here for my blog; so that YOU (my dear beloved readers) can get a REAL insight into my YEARS of experiences online (both the good, bad and the ugly) and hopefully get a clear and precise picture of what you should be focusing on to make things work for you and also pick up some true GOLDEN nuggets of information along the way.

Okay let’s begin:

The following are the five things you’ve probably never been told about making money online!

1. You’ll never be able to RUN a successful and profitable online business by simply getting stuff for FREE online.

make money online best advice tips

It’s a MYTH!!!

There is no such thing as FREE.


Well allow me to explain:

To put things simply……’re only getting little bits and pieces of the jigsaw puzzle if you go round downloading stuff for free from every Tom, Dick and Harry that offers you these gifts online.

Like so many of my suffering students, clients, email subscribers and others alike; you’ll more than likely end up suffering from “INFORMATION OVERLOAD”, “CONFUSION”, “LACK OF DIRECTION” and complete meltdown after digesting 100’s if not 1,000’s of pieces of FREE information online that TELL you that blogging is the way to go, or it’s TRAFFIC you need, or FaceBook is the place where the HUGE PILES OF CASH are ready and waiting for you to grab with both SHOVELS!!!

It’s just plain CONFUSING.

Eventually, you’re going to have to take the PLUNGE and actually INVEST into a REAL BUSINESS idea or model that will stand the TEST of time and pay you life changing incomes come rain or shine.

Invest into things like:

  • An email auto-responder
  • Domain Names/Add On Domain Names
  • WordPress plug-ins
  • Website Hosting
  • Software
  • And any additional tools that can automate your business. (More Time = More FREEDOM)

The good news is…………it DOESN’T take a great deal of little to start running an online business.

Seeing as though you can pick an email A.R. for $1 for 20 – 30 days (TRIAL), a domain name for less than $5 and hosting for $1 trial for ‘X’ amount of days too; there really are NO excuses as to why YOU cannot start your own biz online starting today!

For those who are reading this and thinking this is too much of a hassle………then come back and read this post once the BILL collectors come knocking down your door because your current full time job wages cannot keep up with the ever INCREASING COST OF LIVING DEMANDS.

2. YES……..I know it’s an OLD, WORN OUT cheesy cliche………But the “MONEY really is in the email LIST”!

proof shot 66

email list of subscribers

proof shot 47

list building email marketing – auto pilot incomes

proof shot 28

$400+ days with email marketing

And these are only from portions my email lists! This isn’t including my membership sites, coaching, P.P.C campaigns, Facebook Ads campaigns amongst others too.

But “what are fueling my membership sites and HIGH TICKET coaching programs”? I hear you ask……………….MY EMAIL LISTS OF COURSE!!!

You see, it all begins with owning an email list of BUYERS.

To be honest though………it seems this old, worn out ‘FAMOUS PHRASE’ has been completely forgotten for the time being at least.

There was a time (only a few months back in fact) when my email inbox would get HAMMERED by SPAM from wanna be GURU type, part time plastic marketers who’d use this very subject line to try and entice you to buy their stuff.

They would scour my webpages and find my support emails etc and add me to their lists (without permission) and HAMMER me with crappy emails like this.

I still get them today; not ones with ‘Money Is In The List’ in the subject lines but any old rubbish that just gets labelled as SPAM every time because there’s just NO VALUE in them whatsoever!

Anyway……….let’s move on with my point.

What I’m getting at is NO MATTER what methods, strategies and fancy software tools I’ve tried in my 8 year career online; building a LIST of BUYERS has been by far the GREATEST and most profitable money making business model I’ve ever seen and tested.

Did you notice that I said “List Of BUYERS” and not just……..”go out and build a list and you’ll be fine type of low level newbie crap”?

Also I hate it now when I see other full time marketers telling newcomers to just go out and build an email list without going into to detail as to ‘WHY’ and how they should be doing this in the most effective way possible.

I mean anyone can go out and build a list of 100, 1,000, 10,000 email lists!

The question should be………….WHAT ARE your conversions or A.V.V’s.

A.K.A: “Average Visitor Values”.

Do you know on average how much each lead that enters your business is actually worth?

And we’ll go into this in greater later on.

By planning out an effective and profitable way of making your sales funnel as profitable as possible prior to driving traffic into your business; you can then measure your results.

This is how you build a REAL business and one that can be scaled up well into the 6 or even 7 figures per year level.

3. Working HARD is one thing but……..Working HARD and smart is another – 80/20 RULE

make money online – work smart and hard!

Yes I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase……….20% EFFORT = 80% RESULTS!

How cool does that sound?

You’re only having to put in 20% of the EFFORT every single day into your online business on the things that actually bring YOU 80% of the results that you’re actually trying to achieve.

So let’s say that your GOAL was to make $10,000 per month online from your online business.

You can get a clear, precise and ultra effective plan of action that will allow you to do just that by ultimately using this 20/80 RULE.

You’re FOCUSING on working on tasks that don’t have you running around like an headless CHICKEN everyday, making you feel TIRED, DEPRESSED, WORN OUT and NO TIME to even live whilst still not getting results.

INSTEAD you’ll KNOW exactly what you need to do in your business every single day until you hit that milestone of $10,000 per month every month.

And the great thing is……….most of this is completely automated because of this rule.

Giving you more time, freedom and flexibility to do the things in life you love doing.

Does this make sense to you?

I hope so.

You see, it’s easy for us as human beings to feel almost GUILTY of we’re not busy chasing our own tales working on stuff that isn’t really getting us results.

Especially when our own parents, friends, relatives, Government leaders and even the CLOWNS on T.V. etc are telling us to work up to 15 hours per day and until we’re like 70 years old just so we can pay those depressing BILLS!

I mean COME; are you guys SERIOUS? I mean really?

Are we not in 2015 already?

For me as human beings………..we should be at a stage now where we have machines doing most of the tedious, time wasting tasks for us so that we can get on with ENJOYING our lives with our family, friends, being creative, LOVING, ENJOYING and just being plain silly if we so choose.

And we will get there, I’m VERY sure of it.

But we still have a generation of “Doubting Thomas’s” from the 70’s telling us otherwise.

Is their attitude to this because of the ‘Economy’ was back in their day?

Maybe they struggled so badly back then and SCARCITY was RIFE; that this belief has lived inside of them even to this very day.


IT’S YEAR 2015.

Economies CRASH and then they BOOM again!

That’s how it’s been and always has been since global economies first ever came into existence.

So, work hard YES, but don’t get SUCKED into all the ‘GIMMICKS’ and B.S. that will STOP you from working on things in your business that will produce the goods over time.

4. There’s ONLY 1 true Formula you must MASTER to make money online

traffic plus conversions equals sales/profits

Do you wanna know what that is?

Okay here you go:


That’s it!

The rest can pretty much take care of itself or can be outsourced at least.

Once you get GOOD at conversions, you can pretty dictate how much you want to earn from your online business.


Well TRACKING and testing are essential!!!

Once you know that you have a traffic source that can bring in sales that turn your conversions into profits; then you know that you can KEEP on buying MORE of that traffic, bring in FRESH leads into your business and know 100% that those leads will become loyal customers of yours.

Of course you’ll need an effective sales page(s), O.T.O (one time offers), down-sells, up-sells, cross-sells and alike so every stone isn’t left unturned……… you’ll be far better off having an effective back end email marketing sales funnel that sells more of your products all on COMPLETE AUTO-PILOT as your leads and buyers progress through your funnel; but it is well worth the daily GRIND and hours of testing once you pull this off and begin to see your hard tested efforts begin to flourish.

For example if you become an absolute wizard at conversions……….your product launches and sales pages will make you lot’s of money all on complete auto-pilot.

And once BIG affiliates see that your offer is converting well and you have for example an E.P.C (Earnings Per Click) rate of at least $1.50 then these guys will jump on board your launch and you’ll have a TON of buyers flooding into your business at a cost of absolute ZERO to your business.

Match this with a traffic source that has HUGE amounts of laser targeted traffic ready for you to tap into; and well, you can begin to rub shoulders with the HIGH END 6 and 7 figure marketers out there with no problems at all.

But it’s FOCUS that’s the issue here guys!

You see, I’ve just given you everything you really need to FOCUS on to build HUGE email lists of BUYERS whilst growing an online business you can be proud of too.

I know for a FACT that some of you may well take this on board; go out, implement and begin to reap the rewards.

But I also that most of you won’t even put pen to paper to get the wheels in motion with this.

It’s a shame………..because all you really need is a REAL, step by step PROVEN plan or model you can look at every day in your business to make this Internet Marketing dream you have become a reality.

Okay let’s move on.

5. 4 CORE things I look at every day in my ‘STICKY NOTES’ before I even DARE to sit down at my desk and begin working on my business.

4 core things YOU must focus on in your online business…

Speaking of FOCUS within the last section…………I want to finish off by drilling down into the CORE 4 things YOU must doing in your business every single day apart from focusing on TRAFFIC + CONVERSIONS = SALES/PROFITS of course.

EVERY single day in your business YOU must be:





If you leave out any one of these CORE elements in your online business then you’re literally leaving money on the table for someone else to GOBBLE up because you took a chance or you couldn’t be bothered to do so.

Here’s a video below you can watch that goes into much greater detail:

==>> Go Here To Watch The Video

Oh and before you go…………….REMEMBER THIS:

Internet Marketing or Making Money Online is FUN, it’s a JOURNEY!

Who said that is has to be a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME?