Finding A Solid Foundation Comes Before SEO

When it comes to building a business, be it an online or offline one, a strong and solid foundation is fundamental in order to sustain the long term growth of it. Without a solid foundation, it will all come crumbling down before ever reaching its true potential.


The same goes for Search Engine Optimization. SEO must have a solid foundation to build on before it can be of any help or use to your website because without it, even hiring the best SEO company in the world cannot do much (or at all) if your website doesn’t have that rock solid foundation in the first place.


So, before you go off hiring the services of a SEO firm, or if you personally launch an SEO campaign yourself, you must first ensure that your website is indeed in that phase where SEO can be beneficial for it. If not, you will just be wasting your time, effort and hard earned money


So let’s delve in what goes into building a solid foundation and what you should be focusing on first before SEO can come into the picture.




People focus on SEO so much that they do not bother paying enough attention on their website earlier on. Many people are still stuck in the design phase of their website and yet they already hop onto the SEO phase.


These websites are usually as bare as the Sahara desert without so much as a hint of any navigation at all. So how is SEO going to work if there is no content to be optimized in the first place? This is an example of the main foundation needed for SEO to be able to firmly plant their foot on in the first place.


But you shouldn’t simply copy content from other websites and paste it in yours just for the sake of having content on your site. Your content has to be unique and related to the theme or niche of your website. It has to be catered towards your target audience.


Your content also has to be fresh as it is interesting for your fellow readers. Search engines are now smart enough to take calculate a web site’s bounce rate. Meaning how long a visitor stays before they leave your site is taken into account.


Basically, the longer they stay at your site, the better your site looks in the search engine’s eyes which indirectly benefits SEO as well. When visitors stay a long time at your site, it means that your site’s content is interesting enough to keep them sticking around.


Membership Only


Plus, do not create unique content and have it enclosed behind the “Registered Users Only” members’ area. Not only are the major public is going to have difficulty accessing your content, even search engines will not have access to it.


When they cannot access your content, then they cannot assess your site which means this can negatively affect your site SEO-wise.


If you still want to run a membership site with an exclusive membership area, then you must have content outside the member’s area as well as inside. That way, your visitors and search engines can still determine what your site is about.


A suggestion to running this kind of site is that you can offer free content outside the membership are where if they want to know more on detail then they would have to sign up for the membership are.




Many people make the mistake of thinking that they already know which keywords that they want to aim for. In the end, they end up with short-tail direct keywords which are very competitive and extremely hard to rank for.


Plus, short-tail keywords are actually too broad which hardly ever hits their intended target audience. Take for example when someone types in shoes, he or she could mean running shoes, tennis shoes or even climbing shoes. So if your website is selling high-heeled shoes then you are not hitting your intended target market.


It’s better to do some keyword research and have longer-tailed keywords included into your website. That way, you are attracting your target audience. Plus, there are also many variations to a keyword. Not everyone searches using the same term and therefore you must find all these variations and incorporate it into your website and also your SEO campaign.



Many website owners expect to see overnight results from SEO. Which in most cases do not happen. SEO is more of a kind of “slow and steady wins the race”.


Therefore they should be well-informed well ahead of this before embarking on a SEO campaign. Because of not knowing this beforehand, many of them lose patience very early on. It can take a few weeks to a few months to see improvement and but when you start to see a steady and rising increase in traffic that is when you know it is working.


SEO is not a quick fix. It is a long term and ongoing process but in the end it will be one of the best time, effort and financial investments any online business can ever make. So remember, before your website can become SEO-friendly, it has to be SEO-ready.