How To Find And Add A Ton Of Targeted Buyers Into Your Business Without Even Breaking Sweat

How To Find And Add A Ton Of Targeted Buyers Into Your Business Without Even Breaking Sweat!

There seems to be very few talking about this following list building and lead generating technique that I’m about to share with you here today.

Maybe its one of those techniques that people hear about at the beginning; but don’t take any action on it until they hear that someone else has seen some success with it first.

Generating solid high quality leads for your business is what every online marketer dreams about and you can do this by creating and launching your own products online.

But not everyone wants to become a product creator and establish themselves as an “Authority” within their niche.

They may just want to build email lists and be able to market products as an affiliate to those leads and subscribers to make money online.

So how do you build a buyers list without the hassle of having to create your own products?

Well one way of doing this is by using an underground method known as…



It’s the next best way of generating quality leads and it doesn’t require any dodgy tactics like the name suggests. In fact I wish it had a name a little less suspect to the one that it’s given birth to because really all you’re doing is asking to rent some advertising space off the back of a product creators “Download Page” as soon as someone buys their latest product from their new launch.

You may already be quaking in your boots at the thought of approaching an online “GURU” and asking them if you can add your own offer to their download page but there are certain ways and methods you can use that will naturally convince them that this is a good idea.

The first important thing you’ll need to do is to prove that you are a worthy JV partner that can produce the goods by providing real quality and insane value to both of your potential future customers.

The first question we’ll need to cover is: “how do you portray yourself as a worthy and potential JV partner”?

How To Get Yourself In Front Of The TOP Product Creators

One way to find out where you can contact the top crop of product creators online to see if they will add your offer to their download pages is to do some research at the busiest product launch notification sites online.

You can do that by looking at the following sites below and then by grabbing their details for Skype, FaceBook or Email and try to connect with them and explain what your offer is and how it can add real value to their upcoming product launch.


Okay contacting people and asking them something is super easy right but it’s a given that you’ll get a few knock backs along the way. But the important thing here is that you stay focused on the plan and don’t get too discouraged and quit before you’ve even begun.

I mean you will contact a few marketers who may be very busy at the time of you touching base with them and they may sound as though they are being tough on you by telling you to go away but as long as your offer and set up can benefit someone out there you will eventually get a polite “YES” from one of them and believe me it will all be worth while of having to go through a few knock backs here and there.

So have some faith in yourself and this system and make this WORK!!!

All you need to do next is to do some research into what is currently selling like crazy in the marketplace and pick out the top few and list them down into a notepad or whatever you use to store your data.

Then you’ll want to look at each of those TOP SELLING products and put them into their correct niche categories and make a list of those niches.

Here’s an example of the current trend below:

  1. Traffic – CPA training
  2. List Building
  3. Amazon Marketing
  4. Software
  5. Social Media
  6. Outsourcing
  7. Offline Marketing

Now you want to think of ways that you can best match some kind of valuable service or offer to help the product creator with their launch and the list you’ve made above.

When you offer to help someone with a very generous offer first and don’t just ask for them to place your offer onto their download pages; you’re jumping ahead of 99% of those who don’t think to try and help product creators with their launches first before asking to rent some advertising space on their download pages.


Let’s look at some ways you can create an irresistible service or offer below:

Technique #1 – Offer the marketer a valuable service they’ll appreciate

Price Range/Your Investment – $0 – $3,000

Think about any technical or any other kind of skills you could bring to the launch in return for getting TONS of visitors to your own offers via the download pages.

Of course you could also “Outsource” some of these following ideas and see a MASSIVE return on your investment but if you can offer some of them yourself then of course you’ll only be investing your time in exchange for some serious buyer traffic hitting your own offers come launch day.

Here are some examples of the services you could offer below:

Help manage, organize and take care of the launch: Of course you wouldn’t be investing any money using this method but you’ll be spending a lot of time organizing and making sure everything goes well come launch day. You’ll be spending a lot of time on Skype, replying to emails, making deals, accepting affiliate requests and so on. – (Cost $0)

Copy-write skills: Do you know how to write effective copy? If so you can offer this as part of the deal and even offer to pay to get it outsourced as part of the deal. – (Cost $0, $200, $300, $500)

PhotoShop skills: You could even offer to take care of the sales page graphics or again outsource and offer to pay for them yourself as part of the deal. – (Cost $0, $100, $300, $500)

Social media management: Again you could do this yourself or outsource to places like India or the Philippines for example. – (Cost $50 – $100)

Offer to pay for JV contest CASH prize: This will certainly get the attention of the product creator and this is obviously not free. But you need to think about the possible return on your investment if you do decide to offer this generous gesture. – (Cost up to $2,000)

Technique #2 – Create your own BONUS products and offer them via the download page

Price Range/Your Investment – $400 -$600

Yes you could outsource this whole process and create a high value BONUS package that the seller can add to their main offer and increase sales come launch day.

You can create your bonus package well in advance too by looking for upcoming launches that are happening in 1 month’s time for example. So if you wanted to start building a BUYERS list in the “Traffic” niche for example you could create a BONUS pack around that niche and offer it to the product creator to add more weight to their launch.

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t want to devalue the product creator’s launch with your BONUS offer but this is a fantastic way to grab their attention and get your offers in front of thousands of buyers come launch day.

Technique #3– Interesting NEW Click-banking method

Price Range/Your Investment – $0 -$1,000

How this works is that you can contact the product owner and tell them that you will GUARANTEE to send them a certain amount of clicks over a set length of time to their offer as ling as they agree to add your opt-in form to their BUYERS download page.

You could offer to send them 200, 400, 500 clicks per month for 2 – 5 months as long as they agree to your offer and add your page to their download page.

Another way of doing this would be to look for a product that sold 1000’s of copies in a single week and ask the vendor to send out a promo to their new BUYERS list and you’ll return 10% more clicks back to them in return. The product vendor has nothing to lose in this situation because they know that they are getting more bang for their buck because they’re guaranteed 10% more clicks in return.

Technique #4– Buy through my BONUS link method

Price Range/Your Investment – $0

In Warrior Plus and JV Zoo you can offer a “BONUS LINK” where if someone buys that particular product through your special link they will receive a BONUS via the download page after buying through your affiliate link.

All that is required is for you to set up a special gift page and then instead of sending the new buyers directly to the product creators download page to grab your BONUS too; you can send them to a squeeze page where they can only get access to your BONUS after signing up to your list first.

This works great as you know that you are now only building a BUYERS list right off the bat instead of trying to convert prospects into buyers instead.

Technique #5– Sneaking in the back door method

Price Range/Your Investment – $0

This works best if you already have a list and how I came about this was completely by accident.

What happened was I received an email from a JV partner of mine who wanted me to mail out for them (reciprocate) to one of their latest offers. So naturally I returned the favor as they had mailed out for me in the past but my results were a lot more than I’d expected.


Not too shabby eh; over $600 for one single promotion.

So why did this surprise me? Well because this particular product was well over 3 months old at the time and my JV buddy forgot that I owed them a favor and asked for the return a little late.

So what I found from this was that sometimes it’s better to wait until all the noise from your competition dies down come launch day and promote offers a little while after they have been launched previously.

A lot of subscribers feel intimidated on launch days due to the high amount of similar emails (swipe emails) offering the same product or service on that particular day.

And with all the BONUSES being offered too by 1,000’s of affiliates they end up getting overwhelmed by which one is best for them and postpone buying through your link and end up getting distracted and forget to buy in the first place.

I’m not saying you should always promote offers this late but it’s something you should definitely try in your overall marketing strategy.

Another great tip is to promote to a part of your list that didn’t open up to take a look at that particular offer first time round. After all this proves that they didn’t see the offer first time round and it gives you a chance of getting another bite of the cherry.

Another great example to use this LATE promo strategy on is to try and find products that are still converting at anywhere from 8% – 10% and above even 3 – 4 months after they were originally released.

So if you see a product that sells for $17 for example and it’s still converting at those numbers as stated above then its well worth sending out a promo for that affiliate product.

But if you see a product that was converting at a WHOPPING 25% on launch day but has dropped to a measly 2% a few days later then you know that the first product example is one that you could certainly promote using this delayed promo method.

Technique #6– Buying FRESH buyer leads right off the bat!

Price Range/Your Investment – $0 – $1, $2, $3 per lead (depending on the size of your ad budget)

“Hardly Anyone Is Doing This!!!”

Seriously I mean you can literally strike deals with product creators without using any of the previous methods we’ve mentioned and just offer to PAY directly to have your offer placed onto their download pages.

Let me ask you this:

“How much would you be willing to pay per buyer lead if you knew that each low ticket $7 buyer was worth at least TRIPLE of that original $7 investment”?

So if you knew that each lead would go onto spend at least $20 – $30 with you after they entered your list would you be willing to pay $1, $2, $3 or even $4 to get those new buyers onto your lists?

So what you’re doing here is simply contacting these product vendors and asking them if they would be willing to accept a payment from you of $1 – $3 for example for every BUYER lead that joins your list via their download page.

Of course not every marketer will agree to your offer but who cares anyway; there are countless launches occurring all over the web every single day you can strike deals upon.

I mean think about it anyway; it’s a no brain required deal for the product owner as they get extra cash for no extra work by renting out their download page ad space and get to slap an extra related incentive BONUS product offer into to bargain that will increase their conversions too as people will see their overall offer increase in value dramatically.

It really is a WIN WIN situation for both YOU and the product vendor as you both get to……

  • Gain more BUYERS into your business by leveraging off the back of each others offers.
  • Create future business relationships.
  • The product vendor’s leads get to grab a great FREE bonus from you after they buy the original product.
  • The vendor gets to make some of the EASIEST cash available online by taking just a few minutes of their time to add your offer to their download page(s).
  • And of course YOU now get to add TONS of PROVEN BUYERS onto your lists at rock bottom prices too!


Okay that’s all for today’s training and really hope you enjoyed these useful insights into GROWING your email lists at a SUPER FAST rate and in most cases……

……Without even having to BREAK SWEAT!

All that’s left to say now is……