Email Marketing Training – How To Keep Your Leads & Subscribers Super ACTIVE & Responsive To Your Emails

Email Marketing Training – How To Keep Your Leads & Subscribers Super ACTIVE & Responsive To Your Emails

Whether you’re selling your own products, selling Solo Ads by mailing out to your lists for other marketers or you mainly promote affiliate products you want to make sure that you aren’t “Burning” out your lists so that unsubscribes are exceeding the amount of FRESH leads that are coming into your business.

If you’re sending out solo ad swipe after swipe or ad swap after ad swap then sooner or later your subscribers are going to become “BLIND” to your emails and are either going to continue to ignore them or simply unsubscribes from your list.

They will basically become COLD & unresponsive to your emails.


Every time you send out an email to your lists they will automatically be thinking, “Oh this offer again or is this another squeeze page offer that doesn’t even relate to me. So I’m not even going to bother opening that email”.

I mean if you’re currently “BUYING” your traffic using Solo Ads, Facebook or any form of paid traffic this can become your WORST nightmare and even worse put you in the broke house pretty quickly!

This is why “Having A BIG List” isn’t always beneficial especially if you are unable to generate 50 – 100 clicks at any given time.

I’ve had affiliates send me their requests to promote my own offers in the past and some have sent me screen shots of the size of their lists that were well into the 3,000, 4,000 & 5,000+ subscribers range.

But because they either didn’t segment their lists well enough or didn’t bother to keep their lists responsive and FRESH they only managed to send a few clicks here and there to my offers.

Truth is that unless you have a great funnel that is converting well so you can buy traffic on demand to build your lists or you have the budget to be able to burn out and build new lists on demand; building your lists can be a long hard and drawn out process.

So why go to all that trouble of building a 2,000 strong list if you don’t even know how to SQUEEZE the best results out of each of your subscribers.

We’ve all been there and I too had to delete many subscribers at the beginning of my list building days due to the fact that I’d allowed my lists to become cold and unresponsive to my emails.

Obviously those that can afford to replace their lists with FRESH numbers on demand will say that you do just simply that.

But of course not everyone is in this position (especially at the beginning) plus I know that I wouldn’t personally feel fulfilled knowing that I was sending out the same types of emails with no real value or freshness to them that my subscribers would enjoy reading.

The Sad Truth About Obsessed Ad Swappers

In today’s market there are many unethical ad swappers out there who abuse the system by using what is known as: “Co Registration”

If you’re doing regular swaps but just enough to keep your subscribers happy you may bump into a dodgy swap partner where they will make sure that your subscribers end up on not only 1 list but up to 5 different lists using multiple ads so that they manage to return the favour to their other partners or make extra affiliate sales and so on.

Why does this mean BAD news to you?

  1. Well what are your subscribers going to think once they realize that they’re on multiple lists from 1 single mailing?


  1. You have now completely LOST their trust in you.


  1. They are now more than likely going to get SPAMMED to death every single day and will probably not even end up noticing your emails any longer.

Now please don’t think that I’m completely against Ad-Swaps in any way because I use them myself (not often) but you have to allow common sense to take place when using them and don’t just think about the numbers of your lists growing when finding partners to swap with.


TOP TIP: What I’ve done in the past (and still do) is join other peoples lists to see if they are ethical and send out great emails but offer ad swaps too.
This way you’ll know that they are reputable and ethical and you can then approach them to do a swap with you.
Another TOP TIP: When you stay FOCUSED and treat your subscriber right you’ll naturally gain their TRUST and respect and what will happen is that they will then UNSUBSCRIBE from other marketer’s list’s that they’re currently subscribed to and that leaves YOU with even LESS COMPETITION! Plus most of them will have less emails coming into their inbox and some will even bookmark yours to ensure that receive them at their inbox every time you send one.


This is why it is important to try and stay ahead of the pack by differentiating yourself from other marketers by mixing up your emails so that your lists are always getting value and something FRESH.

You want to be seen as someone who wants to help others succeed and someone who actually cares and only sends out Solo Ads or does Ad-Swaps very occasionally to their lists.

Striking a balance with your email marketing campaigns has always worked well for me!

Here’s one way you could do this:

1st Day – Ad-Swap
2nd Day – Helpful tips email (value)
3rd Day – Helpful tips email (value)
4th Day – Solo Ad Swipe email
5th Day – Helpful tips email (value)
6th Day – Helpful tips email (value)
7th Day – Ad-Swap
8th Day – Helpful tips email (value)
9th Day – Helpful tips email (value)
10th Day – Solo Ad Swipe email


As you can see here this is something that ANYONE could do!

You’re balancing out your needs to grow your business and email lists through ad swaps and solo ads (if you’re selling them) and giving real value to your subscribers on a regular basis too.

The more helpful tips and great information you can hand out in your emails the better your open and click through rates shall be.

Let’s look at a NUMBERED EXAMPLE:

What if you knew that on average you could produce 300 clicks per day from your emails.

Now let’s say that on average you’re able to make $170 per 300 clicks that you sell just through your Solo Ad Swipes for other marketers.

Now let’s say that you replaced the Ad-Swaps for just selling Solo Ad clicks in your email schedule for each week.

So if you were sending a Solo Ad email to your lists every 3 days that would add to around 10 Solo Ads per month depending on how many days are in that particular month.

So that would be: 10 x $170 = $1,700 per month just for sending out just 10 emails every month to your lists.

Not bad for that amount of work I’m sure you agree!

But once you continue to stay focused and build your lists consistently every single day and treat your subscribers well by keeping them responsive whilst keeping unsubscribe rates low; your open and click through rates will continue to rise in conjunction with the growth rate of your lists too.

Let’s look at a 2nd NUMBERED EXAMPLE:

If your lists continued to grow and you could now deliver on average 700 clicks per day from your mailings and now you were making up to $400 per day.

And let’s say that you continued to mail just 10 times per month (Solo Ad mailings) that would equate to $4,000 per month without doing any extra work!

If you were confident that your subscribers were ULTRA RESPONSIVE enough you could look at being a little more aggressive with your Solo Ad mailings and ramp this up to 1 Solo Ad mailing in between every other helpful tips email.

So, let’s say that you were now sending out an extra 5 Solo Ad mailings to your lists every single month.

10 + 5 = 15 x $400 = $6,000 per month!

Another great strategy you can apply is to start sending out 2 emails per day.

Let’s look at this example below:

1st Day – Morning Email – Helpful tips email (value)
1st Day – Afternoon Email – Solo Ad mailing
2nd Day – Morning Email – Helpful tips email (value)
2nd Day – Afternoon Email – Solo Ad mailing


Best case scenario of course would be to just grow your lists big enough to be able to send HUGE amounts of clicks so you only need to send let’s say 5 – 7 Solo Ad mailings per month keeping everyone happy on your lists.

This way you can keep your older lists ultra responsive without the hassle of having to continuously add huge volumes of FRESH leads into your business.

Of course I’m sure that you have read many strategies from other marketers online who may be more aggressive with their approach or even less so in other cases.

  people traffic

Either way this is something you’ll have to TEST at the beginning and eventually you’ll find what works best for you personally as a marketer and your business.

Hopefully you’ll be naturally leaning towards the “Balanced” approach rather than the “Churn & Burn” approach.

For me it just makes sense to build my lists this way.

Yes you do need to sell to your lists or else what is the point right?

But at the same time you need to realize that you’re dealing with real people with human emotions so always be looking for ways to satisfy both your business needs and your subscribers needs too.

Right you might be thinking by now, “What can I give away to my lists to keep them responsive to my emails”?

You can use:

  • Link to FREE trainings from your blog


  • Link to useful posts you’ve made at forums


  • Free reports or trainings (PLR)


  • YouTube training videos


  • Updates on any marketing trends


  • Give away and share your personal experiences/results etc


  • Personal development tips


  • Productivity tips

Try to think of anything that you have had issues with in the past that you would have been very grateful for to get help with at that time and provide any solutions or tips that can help your subscribers with those needs or problems that you once had.

I mean for me it makes sense to write down any problems you’ve had in the past whilst building your own business and passing those solutions onto others so they can jump past that obstacle and save lots of time, sweat and frustration by doing so.

Okay I think by now you should hopefully be beginning to see how this kind of approach in your email marketing can be extremely beneficial to both you (the business owner) and your clients (your subscribers) too.

All right it’s now time for you to take massive action and start seeing results!

Till next time…