Creating A Viral Marketing Campaign – Using The Power Of Emotions For Massive Sales

If you have studied successful viral marketing campaigns from the past; you will soon realise that there is a pattern for producing great results from each and every one of these past campaigns. You will notice that an emotional trigger is often used as a way of increasing a desire for a particular product or service. You can learn a great deal from daily advertisement campaigns you see on television, radio and even as you drive to work everyday as there are many billboards that big corporation companies are using to their advantage.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the product service is; as long as you can find a way of attaching an emotion so that original opinion or idea, you are halfway to creating a successful viral marketing campaign. Looking for a reaction from potential customers is going to allow you to spread your message around the off-line and online communities like wildfire. There are many different emotions that you can use as triggers to send a message out to the world and allow you to benefit from the fact that human emotions are always inevitable.

A great example is to create an emotion that taps into the “certainty” emotions of your viewers and allows them to feel certain that a product can produce a results that they desire without having to face the many complications that are attached to that particular area of concern. You can then attach what marketers know a scarcity to this particular viral marketing campaign and this creates a “must buy now” reaction from your audience. You are using the certainty as the bait, then using the scarcity as the final hook that allows you to tell your audience what they need to do next in order to get your products before it is too late.

There are hundreds of trigger words that allow you to catch immediate attention of people who see your viral marketing campaigns. Now that you have read this article you will begin to notice these patterns and this allows you to pick up some essential tips and experiences for creating your own advertising campaigns for your own online business.