Creating A Landing Page That Lands You… Profits

Be it your very own product or service, or simply being an affiliate for a merchant that you are promoting their product or service on their behalf (for a commission on each successful sale of course), you will definitely need the all-important landing page to help you convert traffic full of potential prospects who are coming to your site, or landing page into valuable customers.


A landing page has the power to either make or break your conversion rate. Of course, any affiliate or Internet marketer wants their landing page to be the ultimate money-making machine that ever existed.


However, with so many aspects that make up a landing page, it is easier said than done. With that said, it is also something that is not impossible. So, assuming that you have the technical and design aspects of your landing page nailed down, it’s time to focus on the more “human” aspect of your landing page.


Here are some tips which can help you to improve that aspect:


Getting To The Point


In the real world, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression when meeting someone new. On the World Wide Web, you just have a fraction of that already short time frame.


So, if the landing page on your site fails to make an impact the very second your visitors land on it, they will lose quickly interest and then proceed to leave. Therefore, you need to make a strong enough initial impression that makes them want to stay and read on. You need to capture their interest early and often.


Even if you are successfully pulling in your target market to your landing page, it doesn’t automatically result in a sale. Pulling in targeted traffic is only half the battle. The other half is convincing your target audience to actually purchase the product or service that is offered on that landing page.


To truly make an impact and lasting impression, you need the kind that can linger in their mind long after they have closed their browser windows and list all the important, interesting, unique and strength and features of your product or service. Once you hook their attention, they will be interested enough to reel themselves in and find out more.


Plus, by listing out what is important and leaving out the less-than-important fluff, it helps to keep your landing page short, clean and concise. A page that has less fluff means that it can eliminate all the less-than-important contents to display. Therefore, the page will load faster, and there won’t be intimidating walls of text greeting your visitors.


A shorter, cleaner and concise page also makes it for easier reading for your page visitors, thus encouraging them to do so.


Addressing Concerns / Queries / Questions Early On


Another great thing to include into the landing page is to address any concerns, queries or questions that your visitors will most probably have regarding your product or service. This is where you will need to do your homework and research and get to really know your target audience.


Many people will buy a product or service for many different reasons. So try to find these common reasons and have it listed in your landing page. In addition, emotions are a very powerful tool in marketing, and if you can address a concern such as an emotional one and how the product or service can help provide a benefit emotionally, (and have it worded in such a way) it can prove to be a highly convincing strategy.


Addressing issues early on will also eliminate most of the doubts that your visitors might have regarding your product or service if they can relate to most of the issues address than the more they can relate to the product or service and the more they feel that they want or need it.



Tell It Like It Is To Them (Like A Friend)


There are many ways to describe something, but the best way to get your message through is to go down to a more personal level and explain it in a tone and approach which they can certainly be receptive to. In this case, you would describe and elaborate the product or service in question in a manner you would to a personal friend of yours.


Unless you’re selling something or promoting something that’s related to rocket science then there is no point going into too much technical detail about the product or service that you are promoting. Going into such detail will only deter your potential prospects as the majority of them are just concerned with exactly what the product or service can do to benefit them.


The “how’s” will not be much of their concern but you can always have a separate page dedicated to fulfilling the more “technically-curious” bunch. Remember to put it on a separate page and not on the same landing page.


In addition to the tone used to reach out to your potential prospects the way you describe the product would certainly help if you are explaining it based from your very own experience in using it. Pictures speak a thousand more and videos speak even more. Try to include images and videos of the product or service in action as a visual demonstration for your potential prospects.


Since they can’t physically feel, touch or even experience it for themselves, the next best thing would be to watch you doing it for them. It can be a very effective method in giving that final push and finally convincing them to go ahead and purchasing the product or service.



Only Over-Deliver (Never Over-Promise)


Over delivering will constantly prove to be pleasantly surprising experience for your customers and therefore will convince them to keep coming back to you for future businesses.


On the other hand, over-promising them will have a detrimental effect on your business and if the landing page is full of over-promises, once they do purchase the promoted product or service they will be met with disappointment after disappointment as the product or service you have so highly spoken of simply doesn’t live up to the hype.


Making people feel cheated and misled is the fastest way for a business to destroy its reputation and customer base. Eventually negative word of your name and that of your business will spread like wildfire through the Internet, and you will find your business without customers soon enough.


So don’t exaggerate and over-promise stuff on your landing page. And prepare to only make claims which you are well-prepared to back up. Because most times people will want to see proof and question you on your claims. If you can back it up, then people will definitely be sold.



There are many ways to satisfy the human aspect of a landing page. These listed here are but a few but the best ways to help to determine if you are indeed on the right path to properly develop and design a smooth prospect-converting machine, you need to employ split testing.


Basically, from testing you can determine what works and simply discard the ones that don’t and improve from there. Eventually, you will come with a web page that is effective and efficiently tailor-made for your target audience that speaks to them, which they are able to relate to and hopefully convert them into profits for your business.