Crazy Solo Ad Profits! – How YOU Can INSTANTLY Profit From Them Fast

Is it possible to profit from solo ads instantly? Solo ads require you to make an initial investment so it is always a good idea to try and recoup that initial investment or even make a profit at the front-end of your sales funnel. This gives you a chance of building a massive list of subscribers for nothing or even at a profit.

Seeing no profits straightaway doesn’t mean you are at a loss because even if you only break even from your initial investment you are still building a list of potential customer subscribers for free.

Using a system that has already been tested and proven to convert is a great way to maximise your chance of profiting from your initial investment.

You can now follow the steps to try and profit from solo ads yourself:

Using a OTO – An OTO or (One Time Offer) can be a great way to profit instantly from solo ads. This is a page that a visitor sees once they subscribe onto your list when they enter their name and e-mail address to receive their free gift. Ensure that your one-time offer is perceived as higher value than your free offer and is priced from anything of $5-$10. You do not have to create your own product as there are literally hundreds of pre-made PLR and MRR products you can use and also affiliate offers that are in line with your previous free gift.

Easy Payment Set-Up – Aim to use affiliate products that will pay you instantly. Affiliate products that pay via PayPal ensure that you are paid instantly and can then quickly re-invest the money made back to advertise using more Solo ads. Just type “7 Dollar Script” into Google and you will find tons of information being offered that will show you where to find instant paying affiliate commission programs. Aim to look for programs that offer further products which are also known as up sells and allow you to make even more commission from these up-sells. Usually there will be a very low priced OTO then followed by the up-sell so you can potentially earn maximum profits on each customer.

100% Profits Using Your Own Sales Funnel – This allows you to potentially earn 100% profits as you are not directing Solo ad visitors to someone else’s offers. If someone purchases your OTO you can then offer them an up-sell of your own at the front-end of your sales funnel. If people do not want your up-sell you can always use a down-sell to ensure you can still make some of your initial investment turn into a profit. You can easily use pre-made MRR or PLR products giving you a chance to test out your sales funnels right away.

Another tactic is to send your subscribers to a specific download page where they can download the free gift but also you can place related affiliate offers using banners etc.