Copy This Super Simple 3 Step System That Cranks Out $57 – $117 A Day Online

What would you do if you knew how to copy system that can make you $57 $117 per day whilst only working a couple of hours per day? This amount may not seem as a huge amount but with the system that you are going to see you can easily begin to scale things up and potentially earn as much as you want once you get the system going and create that initial momentum.

Here is a simple 3 step system that you can replicate to make as much money as you desire:

Set Up Your Lead Capture Page

First of all you need to set up a basic one page website also known as a squeeze page; so you can capture a prospects name and e-mail address when they visit your one-page website. This step can easily be done using free web page editing software. Many people struggle with this step because they try and make their squeeze pages look perfect before testing them. You can always improve and test your squeeze pages as you go along.

Just set one up and test and tweak once you begin to create a flow of traffic towards them. You will also need to have a free gift in place that you can deliver to any prospect once they have opted in to your e-mail list.

Article Marketing Power

Now that you have set up your squeeze page the next vital step is to drive enough traffic towards your one-page website so that you can begin to build your e-mail list. All you need to do is create a consistent flow of high quality articles and submit them to high traffic article directories. Aim to create and submit five articles per day to around 3-5 high traffic article directories. If you do this consistently for a few weeks you will begin to see a nice flow of traffic back towards your squeeze page.

Add An Enticing OTO (one time offer)

As you will be working hard creating all those articles; you want to make sure that this hard work pays off so you can start seeing the $57-$117 paydays.

As an example lets say that you offer a $14 product as your one time offer and that product converted at 10%. You will then need to add around 50 new subscribers to your email list every day to make around $70 a day. If your squeeze page or (lead capture page) converted at 50% you will only need to pull in around 100 visitors a day to realise this figure.

Now lets say that you also offer an up-sell to those who buy your OTO (one time offer) priced at $47. If for example every 5th person who bought your first $14 product goes onto buy your $47 up-sell; you are now making $117 a day.

Hopefully you can now see that it is all down to seeing the numbers. This system is simple and can be quickly set up once you know how. You can always improve your opt-in rates by testing your squeeze page and tweaking along the way, adding more bonuses to your OTO’s and creating a super enticing up-sell to your sales funnel.