Copy This Simple 5 Step System That Can Turn You Into An Unstoppable Cash Cranking Machine!

Internet Marketing is a huge niche and there are many sub-niche topics within it that can be tapped into in order to make massive profits from them. One of them is “list building” and it has been proven to produce life changing incomes for up and coming Internet Marketers who have followed a simple but effective system without allowing themselves to get side-tracked by the next big thing money making system idea.

These following 5 tips will help you understand how the big guru marketers are earning small fortunes every single month by following this very simple but extremely effective list building system:

Cash Cranking Step 1 – Choose A Niche With In Massive Demand

You can easily find a highly profitable niche that is “evergreen” and you can make profits from all year round no matter what state the economy is in. Just head over to affiliate market places like, and you can instantly see loads of highly active products being promoted by affiliates. Both of these sites come with categories which means it is as easy as pie when spotting profitable niches to tap into. If product creators are actively producing products on a continuous basis and going through all the hard work of researching, creating and then seeking affiliates; you know that this niche is worth your time and can be extremely profitable for you.

Also, is a great place to “reverse engineer” someones marketing to your advantage. You can look for the sites that are being sold for huge amounts of money as this site is mainly about the buying and selling of niche sites. You too can copy how what niche their site was built upon, how their links were built, what type of content they have, and who their audience is by using a site called “Quantcast”.

Cash Cranking Step 2 – Create A FREE Gift To Give Away

You can easily create a free PDF report or video that is a snippet of what you are going to offer as a product or service of your own further down your list building sales funnel. You can of course recommend affiliate products to your list of subscribers at the back end of your sales funnel too.

Your free gift allows you to build a list of subscribers that have shown that they are interested in what your business has to offer. Your free gift should be of high quality which creates an instant relationship and places you as someone your subscribers can trust in what you have to say.

Cash Cranking Step 3 – Essential Tools You Need

Go and grab your domain name, hosting and auto-responder service. These tools are vital and allow you to set up your cash cranking systems with ease. Don’t go for a free auto-responder service as they are very un-reliable and your subscribers will never be your own. Also if the service goes down; you have then lost all those subscribers you have worked hard to funnel into your sales system.

Cash Cranking Step 4 – Set Up Your Auto-responder

Aim to provide at least 10 messages you can send to your subscribers on complete auto-pilot. They can be tips and tricks around training or recommending certain affiliate products or indeed your own products in-between sending useful and highly valued auto-responder messages.

You can massively increase your increase your profits from your back-end sales by providing a massively high quality 10 message series that is packed with useful information that your subscribers will value and will look forward to receiving your next message. This builds and strengthens your relationship with your new subscribers and increases your chances of making more sales from affiliate products or your own product and service recommendations.

Cash Cranking System 5 – Build Your Squeeze Page (lead capture page)

Now that you have selected your niche, created a free gift and set up your auto-responder series; you now have to build a lead capture one page website that allows visitors to enter their name and email address. This allows them to be added to your email list and they can then download or get access to your free PDF report or video etc.

You need to test your squeeze page by sending traffic to it and looking at how many people it takes before someone opts-into your list. So if you know that out of 100 people who land at your lead capture page; 50 of them opted in to receive your free gift; you then know that your squeeze page is converting at 50%. This is a pretty high conversion rate so make sure you add tracking to your squeeze pages so you can get the exact figures. You can always make changes to your one page website at any time by changing the headline, sub-headline and any other changes until it starts to convert at anything above the 30% mark.

That’s it! You now have a cash cranking list building system you can copy and implement to build an un-stoppable semi-autopilot money machine. Go out and take immediate action!