Copy These Top ClickBank Tips For Affiliate Marketing Massive Commissions

If you’re looking for ClickBank tips for affiliate marketing; you have come to the right place. Here you will discover the exact strategy many successful affiliate marketers have been using for years to make big affiliate commission checks month after month. You will find almost limitless amounts of information on the web showing you countless top tips for affiliate marketing. I am going to break things down for you to ensure you can digest the best of these strategies here today.

Before you start on your ClickBank affiliate journey, you have to realise that you cannot simply start promoting your affiliate links in anyway you please and expect to see results. You have to be more subtle with what you promote and do not portray yourself as a spam contributor of your links.

Let’s look at some ways you can start driving qualified traffic towards your ClickBank affiliate campaigns:

Method #1 – You can give yourself a great chance of spreading your affiliate links throughout the Twitter network once you know how to do it the right way. Firstly you need to set up a free account then you need to look for people who are already tweeting heavily about similar niche products or services that are similar to your chosen ClickBank product. Aim to follow around 30-50 people a day to start off with. If these people have followers in there thousands then be sure to follow them as you can begin to tap into their market of followers.

Start posting useful and relevant tweets regularly so that you build up trust with your audience. Once you see that people are following you back on a consistent basis, you can then start to add in your recommended affiliate product links. People will be glad to look at your recommendations once you are looked upon as a regular giver of outstanding related information first.

Method #2 – You can build a simple one page website also known as a “squeeze page” that allows you to capture peoples names and email addresses. Once you have completed this step, you can start to drive towards it by creating relative niche articles and submitting around the web to create a flow of traffic towards your squeeze page. You can place a link within your article or at the bottom depending on which submission site you decide to submit your article to. This link allows people to be directed to your squeeze page where they can sign up for more free information.

Once a visitor to your website has subscribed to your list for more information, you then have the chance to email them on a regular basis and can promote your affiliate links to them in your broadcast emails. You stand a much greater chance of making far greater affiliate commissions this way because that person has already shown that they are already interested in that particular subject and have placed their trust in what you have to say.

These 2 top tips can save you lots of time and frustration of trying to figure out the best approach to starting your affiliate marketing campaigns. I would strongly suggest you consider starting with method 2 first and then add the Twitter traffic technique to your campaigns once you have found success with method two. Remember to give outstanding and relevant content to your readers first before considering promoting your ClickBank affiliate links to them.