A Cool & Ultra POWERFUL $20 Traffic Source You Can Use To Build Your Lists!

A Cool & Ultra POWERFUL $20 Traffic Source You Can Use To Build Your Lists!

In today’s training I want to share something with you that’s SUPER easy to do, it is also currently very CHEAP and can allow you to add FRESH laser targeted traffic and leads into your business.

Traffic and fresh leads are the “Life Blood” of your online business so knowing how to siphon them towards your offers so that you can build a profitable business around them is vital to your success online.

You may or may not be aware that the Warrior Forum used to charge $40 for your product as a “PAID” or “FREE” to be listed at their EXCLUSIVE WSO forum thread section.

And as I’m writing this now you can list your offer there for JUST $20!

YES for just $20 you can build your lists, make sales, add PROVEN BUYERS into your business and make a tidy profit too if your offer is set up correctly.

So for you to be able to cover your $20 investment you’ll only need to make a couple of sales from your campaigns depending on how you price your offers.

And trust me once you know what you’re doing this won’t even be an issue for you!

Now you can of course post your own “PAID” WSO offer but today we’re going to be looking at FREE WSO’s and some of the recent results I’ve been getting using them.

I’ve been using them to build my lists by directing my visitors to a squeeze page and then they’re met with one of my many related high quality offers depending on what the FREE offer at the front end of my set relates to.

Once you know what you’re doing it’s pretty easy to be able to add 50 – 100 subscribers into your lists and I’ve been seeing some great results from FREE WSO’s recently.

I’m adding FRESH leads and BUYERS into my business and for just $20 I’m able to see anywhere from 40 – 70+ new subscribers enter my sales funnel.

I have a $5 – $10 front end offer set up in my sales funnel and some of my new subscribers will buy that offer right away and some will go onto buy my other offers (Up-Sells) too.

That is just the FRONT END of my set up!

Once my new prospects and buyers pass through my funnel and receive my emails; many of them will go onto buy more products from me making it even EASIER for me to make back the original $20 investment I’ve made.

That’s what it is “AN INVESTMENT”!

Never be scared to invest and TEST the waters when it comes to building your lists because there are always people out there who will go onto buy all or most of your services from you.

So is it worth any hesitation?

I’m speaking from experience here so I would definitely say “NO” it isn’t worth your time and effort using SLOW FREE traffic methods alone. YOU NEED TO invest into paid traffic sources too for your business.

Forum traffic has been around for many years and it is STILL the BEST kind of traffic YOU can drive towards your offers because it is ULTRA TARGETED TRAFFIC with TONS of people there who are looking for solutions and have NEEDS for what your offers and services provide.


NO HOSTING REQUIRED METHOD – I don’t personally use affiliate products as my main OTO offers as soon as someone opts into my list but if you don’t have a PAID offer of your own to try and make your investment back then you can of course feel free to find a great affiliate offer to promote.

What you can do is give away your FREE WSO as normal but instead of using a HOSTED squeeze page of your own you can allow your email A.R. service to host your opt in form for you.

So if you’re looking to use this method but you don’t want to pay for hosting then just follow these steps below and allow your email A.R. to do all of the hard work for you.

Firstly you’ll need to click on the “Web Forms” tab in your email A.R. account:

  • shot1-550

Once you’ve created your opt in form you’ll come to this page where you can ask your email A.R. to host your web form and then you can basically copy and paste the “Web Form Link” onto your FREE WSO page once you’re ready to go:


And now you can add your “affiliate offer” link as shown below so that people see that offer as soon as they opt in for your FREE WSO:


So now you have a FULL set up for $20 ready to go without having to pay for hosting giving you a greater chance of making back your return on your investment.

THANK YOU PAGE – Whether you’re using an affiliate offer or your own you must try and SELL something on that thank you page so you can add buyers onto your lists and as we’ve already mentioned make back your $20 investment or even make a profit.This is when your visitors are HOT and most responsive to your offers so make sure that you either offer an affiliate offer as your thank you page or add your own offer to a thank you page that you create yourself.

TRACKING – This is vitally important and you can take full advantage of using the very simple to use Warrior Plus in house tracking system that allows you to place tracking I.D. links onto your thank you pages so you know which traffic source has sent you the most sales.

It takes just a few seconds to change your links for each paid traffic source you use online which allows you to start hand picking the BEST performing campaigns and ditch the ones or TWEAK that aren’t performing at the levels you expect them to.

PLEASE NOTE: You won’t be able to do this if you choose to use an affiliate offer but I know that Clickbank allow you to add some kind of tracking link to your affiliate ones so that you can get better idea of which pages your sales are coming from.

OPTIMIZING YOUR FUNNEL – At the beginning of your ventures of using this paid “FREE WSO” traffic method to build your lists you may fall short of your profit targets.Having said that now that the investment is only $20 you have a far greater chance of at least breaking even.

You may want to TEST your funnel using another traffic source first and then try to fully optimize it so that it produces the goods in terms of the number of prospects and buyers it brings into your business.

You need to remember that the numbers never lie so it is always a good idea to try and add more products into your funnel and EXPAND your room for maximum profits per subscriber that enters your business so that if you don’t break even right away you can make more sales at the back end whilst your new subscribers go through your email campaigns.

WHEN TO POST & BUMP YOUR FREE WSO OFFEROne of the biggest advantages of running WSO’s is that you CONTROL what time and day it goes LIVE or when it is BUMPED to the top of page #1 too.

You can do your homework too by looking at when all of the BIG launches are on and BUMP or launch your FREE WSO around those so that you get more time on page #1 and obviously get more EXPOSURE and more opt-ins from your campaigns.

You can post in the morning, afternoon or even in the evening’s which allows you to TEST different times and days to see what formula brings in the best results for your campaigns.Another thing to avoid is posting your FREE WSO when everyone else is posting their WSO’s just because this seems like the way to go.

What I’ve found is that things can get a little “OVER CROWDED” when you use this “follow the herd” tactic and you’ll find that your listing gets knocked off page #1 pretty quickly giving you very limited time and exposure for your offer.You can try out various days and times to overcome this obstacle.

ORGANIZING YOUR CAMPAIGNS – It is vitally important that you split up your list building campaigns within your email auto-responder accounts.

So whenever you create a new FREE WSO give it a new name within your email account, create a new separate squeeze page too so that everything is organized and you can easily collect data from your results and gauge what approach seems to work best.

Also as you progress and get better results from your free WSO’s you’ll be able to note which campaigns have brought in the most subscribers and BUYERS and use that EXACT formula for your upcoming campaigns.

Plus whenever you send out emails to your lists you’ll be able to select which lists are best suited to any current email that yousend keeping everyone on your lists happy as they’re now getting relevant emails that suit their needs.

BACK END FOLLOW UP EMAIL SEQUENCE – Again I see so many online get this part of their set up wrong by neglecting this very step.

You’ve already put in a lot of work setting up your FREE WSO so having a back email campaign is where you can make more sales and break even or make a profit from your investment.

Your new subscribers are most responsive to your emails within the first few weeks so make sure that you capitalize and set up some emails that promote more suitable offers for your new leads, buyers and subscribers.

QUALITY VS QUANTITY – Most people believe that the HIGHER opt in rate you get from your squeeze pages the better your results will be and the more money you’ll make.This isn’t always the case and you’ll find out why when I explain this in FULL DETAIL within the Ultimate Sales Funnel Formula training program.

RAMPING UP THE NUMBERS – Once you have a FREE WSO that can pay for itself every single time it is time to RAMP up the numbers. Also you can run as many WSO’s as you want to (free or paid offers) so if you wanted to you could be building HUGE prospects and buyers lists in no time.

So if you ran 2 PAID WSO’s per month and on average you managed to get 50 BUYERS that would be 100 BUYERS per month added to your lists.

And if you really ran with FREE WSO’s and did 20 per month and you got 70 new subscribers on average then that would be a whopping 1,400 new subscribers added to your lists every single month too.

So that would be…

1,200 BUYERS by the end of the YEAR!


16,800 new subscribers added to your lists each YEAR too!




BUYERS/SALES MADE – 3 front end sales and 1 up-sell sale
PROFIT MADE – $26.87


So as you can see its well worth taking advantage of this $20 per WSO offer while you can.

Of course these results aren’t typical and you need to do your due diligence and TEST your funnel, offer & fully optimize your offer until you know how to craft a winning FREE WSO every single time.

Okay I really hope that this training has given you a real insight into how powerful this strategy can be for you and your list building efforts online.

All you need to do now is take action on what you’ve learned here today and don’t get discouraged if you don’t see massive results first time round.

Just stay FOCUSED stay consistent, test and improve whilst your prospects and buyers lists GROW side by side and you’ll soon see your business, your profits and your lists grow to new heights!

Till next time…